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[Sponsored] AMD ThreadRipper 3960X Aorus Build by Duality92

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Hey guys, this is one of my builds for CES this year, both for Aorus, but here's the first one :)

Thermaltake View 71 Modded (Removed parts, cable tucked, painted window, some vinyl work, shaved front I/O, etc.)
Thermaltake 1200W ARGB
32GB Ram RGB Aorus
RTX 2080 Super Aorus Xtreme Waterblock
SSD Aorus 1TB PCIE 4.0, NVME (Copper heatsink model, de-heatsinked)
Thermaltake watercooling with PETG 16/12 and CPU/GPU in parallel
CableMod power and power LED along with PCIE screws
Fans are 140mm Riing Trio