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[Sponsored] ASTRA project (scratch-build)

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Hi friends,

It’s been a while, this crazy year and COVID have messed with my plans. But, I’m not giving up so easily! I’ve been preparing a few projects for a while and it’s finally time to get going with the first one.

It’s a scratch-build competition project, water-cooled, filled with top-quality hardware and made out of full aluminum cut with CNC. For now, here’s the teaser pic announcing the project and a partial list of hardware which goes in it. As always, I promise a lot of good photos, a few videos and lots of fun! By each day, you will find out more :)

BR, neSSa
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Voting for the CMWS20 competition has started, if you like this project, you can vote for it in the link below.

Thanks a lot for the support!
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