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"New "INDEX" added to see the updates and avoid all the Jibber jabber



by MybadOmen

Special thanks goes out to my Sponsors without them this build wouldn't be possible:





Click Image To Mnpctech Case Mod Store


The Cat is out of the Bag! Here is the newest Sponsor coming a board the Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 Mod! and i am highly excited he decided to be part of it all! Please Welcome Andrew Cook (aka)" DaFrontlineTrooper" as my newest Sponsor !



Also Special thanks to Pete of Modern Heat for Sponsoring a bunch of Metals for the build!

Case arrived Today and Wow what a beautiful case! Thanks NZXT and incredible job designing the Switch 810. Pictures do this case no justice at all. It is just so amazing with all the room inside and avalible options for the normal builder to the extreme builders.

Here as always is the Victim of this project :



Ok an hour or less later here is where the Switch 810 is at this point in time. When i said it was the Victim i wasn't joking

Just going to enjoy a coffee and take some measurements and get back to ripping it apart.You can be assured there will not be 1 rivet,screw or piece of wiring left to it when i am done with the tear down Process. This will be a 100% Modded NZXT Switch 810 with some Mods you hopefully have never seen before on any build.

Here she is before coffee break.Will be a long night to come:

As you can tell my son has the same blood as me
and Passion.



Coffee break and back to work. Like i said .I don't like any thing Stock!


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(Sponsored) Mass Effect 3 - Switch 810 Build Log

Would like to give HUGE Thanks to "kevingreenbmx" for helping me make this incredibly easy to use Index.And for giving me idea's on how to make the whole thread look nice! Thank You Kevin! Highly appreciated.

Update 1 New GPU and Cooling
Update 2 Thanks Mnpctech
Update 3 NZXT Sentry Mix
Update 4 Started building new motherboard tray.
Update 5 Mayhem's Pastel's. Huge part of the Theme! Thanks Mayhem.
Update 6 EK Package arrived today and it was huge!
Update 7 A bunch more work.
Update 8 setting up GPU's and aligning everything on MB tray
Update 9 Bunch more work!
Update 10 My workshop: The Wife's Kitchen smile.gif
Update 11 Picked up a bunch of badly needed Metals for the build today!
Update 12 From Trash to Treasure !
Update 13 Reference Shots Only!
Update 14 Special Thanks to Primochill / Tyler Industries & New Louvers
Update 15 Got a new tool today DREMEL 3000 & Unboxing.
Update 16 Brand new NZXT Fans "NDA" lifted!
Update 17 Made new top Plate to hold the EK XTC 420 Rad & x6 NZXT FZ 140mm Fans in Push/Pull
Update 18 Bunch of work on drive bays and other things.
Update 19 NZXT PSU Arrives!
Update 20 Bunch of important work done and out of the way!
Update 21 Bunch more work and new parts ordered.Also new Toys from the Wife & Kids!
Update 22 Mayhem's Pastel's and Dye's Arrived & Michael (aka) Mayhem's Story!
Update 23 Success with the tubes running through the top cover and some other stuff + My Birthday ! (40)
Update 24 EDITED! Flushing Radiators & My first attempt of a Video of me explaining the work to be done to the build!
Update 25 Andrew Cook (aka) DaFrontlineTrooper has officially come aboard as the newest Sponsor.This is a Must see Update!
Update 26 Took everything apart again and finally painted the Back plate and Modded Drive bays. All uphill from here !
Update 27 Tons of Small but very important things that needed to be done. Also a Sneak Peak of the Mass Effect 3 M8 Rifle Progress!
Update 28 EKWB Bails me out again!
Update 29 Installed new EK Clear Plexi Dominator Ram Block Top & Some shots of the Build so Far!
Update 30 Woot ! Well we made it to Update 30 and i am still alive! This is showing a Package from Primochill (But not what you would think!)
Update 31 This update is not really build related but just showing off Andrew Cook's (1of my Sponsors) work.It is so Cool check it out!! thumb.gif
Update 32 Special Thanks to everyone. Added a Photo and made the Video that was sorta hidden now Official !
Update 33 Big update! Tons of work on PSU & Radiator Box pretty much done.
Update 34 New sponsor came on board today.Please welcome atxpctech.com to the Build.
Update 35 Great News Mass Effect 3 M8 Assault Rifle is done + Great Video !! "A must see Update!"
Update 36 Finished and Painted bottom Mesh to match the top mesh.
Update 37 More 3M Di noc Arrived from today from one of my great Sponsors "atxpctech.com". Thank you guys!
Update 38 Big Update! Whole bunch of stuff i haven't had time to add.And there is still more but i am losing Daylight! Hope you Guys enjoy it! (And Gals)

Update 39 New Sponsor joins the build ! Please guys give Plextor a huge welcome to the project and don't forget to check out there great Products!
Update 40 ! Wow update 40 already! Here are a bunch of recent work photos and the Prizes for the 50,000 View Giveaway plus details!
Update 41! Here is the Sketch-up of the Theme for the inside so far. Might change a little but pretty much set. Also thanks to "Kaged" !
Update 42 Plextor SSD's arrive! Unboxing , My thoughts , and Benchmarks !
Update 43 ***Giveaway for Subscribers and Supporters of me and my Sponsors is up and Running!***
Update 44 Finally back to work on the build and got some stuff done !
Update 45 Did some more work to the Front of the Build. Painted and Di-noc'd lower Panel.
Update 46 Finished Top and Front Di-noc and Made Custom Harness for the 2 Plextor M3 Pro Series SSD's & Article about me and ME3 Build!
Update 47 Window Mod done / Plexi still needs to be cut.
Update 48 Founder of NZXT takes notice of my Mass Effect 3 Switch 810 build.! " So Amazing i really have no words!"
Update 49 She's Alive !! Plus Featured in Maximum PC Magazine ! (Just cosmetic work to do now and She is complete)
Update 50 Wow 50 Updates so far! This has been a very involved build. Awesome news for 50th Update ,A Really nice donation from Razer !!
Update 51 More to come & Special Thanks to Sponsors and Followers and others that helped.
Update 52 Finished Di noc on rear door, Added custom decals.
Update 53 Must See !! New window is installed and some other small things. On schedule for completing Monday
Update 54 MORE Photo's of Mass Effect 3- NZXT Switch 810 Completed !

""Build is Complete ! Links below are all new Photos, Achievements or Work done after the Completion of the Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 Mod""

Really Nice Photo i put together of the build. Check it out !
A Very special Thank You to Razer for there donation to the build. (another must see! )
Over 100,000 Views already! You guys are totally Amazing,That is allot of views for such a short time for a build log!Thank You!
More Cool Photo's i would like to share with you guys!
Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 Mod Wins Rig of the Month!
Gaming community "Kataku" found a liking to my build.
NZXT adds Mass Effect 3 - NZXT Switch 810 Mod Photo Album to their Facebook Site!
Bit Tech Features Mass Effect Switch 810 Build on front page.11 Page article!

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