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When i start something there is no turning back "just down the hill".

I have seen a few deskbuild that atract me so much that i want to build one. "No i am not going to buy one".
Why not "well making one is half the price" and building is fun.

When do i start. I think march\april 2015. Why wait!. Need som time to sort out som parts and ordering parts.

Just a few things about the build:

Sponsored by:

Size of the desk : 2000 x 9000 x 250
Material : Aluminium 2 mm
Top of the desk : 10 mm reinforced diamant glasplate 2040 x 700

Below the desk : 2 x Caselabs Pedestels from the Hill 7.9 build.

Below the pedestels : 2 x 18 mm MDF blocks on casters

Layout updated: 17-06-2015

Dimension definitive 15-01-2015

Drawer and pedestel section under the desk (updated 08-01-2015)

Layout\parts updated 21-09-2017):

- 4 Asus Titans 6gb ( Pfff outdated dont know if i can afford new ones have to see)
- 4 x XSPC Razer coolblock
- 1 x Asus Rampage V Extreme editon
- 1 x i7-5930K
- 16 x Samsung 840 Pro 256 gb ssd's (5 in storage) Oeps
- 4 x Bitspower Z-Multi 250 multires clear customized build in the desk
4 x Aquacomputer D5's (3 in storage \ one missing) need to order one more
- 2 x Bitspower double pomp tops
- 4 x Alphacool XT60 560 radiators in the pedestels
- 2 x Alphacool XT45 560 radiators in the desk
- 2 x Thermaltake Thoughpower Grand Platinum 1200 watt (in storage)
- 2 x Aquacomputer Aquero 6 XT (one in each block)
- 2 x Aquacomputer Aquero XT in the desk
- 40 x Thermaltake Riing 14" Bleu led fans (in storage)
- 6 x Thermaltake Riing 12" bleu led fans (in storage)
- 2 x ICY DOCKS MB994SP-4SB-1
- 1 x Asus bleu ray drive
- 1 x Corsair NX500 400Gb
- 1 x Bitspower cooling block (in storage)

Server side 03-01-2016:

- Asus Maximus Impact VII ( in storage)
- Bitspower full cover coolblock (in storage)
- i7 4870K (in storage)
- System ssd Samsung 850 Pro M.2 256Gb (in storage)
- Corsain Dominator platinum DDR 2800Mhz with upgrade kit
- LSI- Raidcard LSi..9260 8i (in storage)
- HDD start with 4\8 x 3tb disks (on wishlist)
- Asus Bleu ray drive 16-04 (in storage)
- Keyboard Logitech TK820 (in storage)
- 2 x ICY Docks MB994SP-4SB-1 (in storage)
- Thermaltake Thoughpower Grand Platinum 1200 watt

Screen\s: 2 x Multiple or 4K "still searching what to do"


- screens at least one 4K
- ssd's 11 more
- raidcard (have one LSI 9260 - 8i ) one more with battery packs ( for the one i have and a new card)
- i7 5960X
- other keyboard + mouse
- 2 headsets

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Index:1. 1e parts order at Caselabs. Link2. Making the first block under the 2 pedestels. Link3. 14-01 Casters under the blocks Link4. Mounting rad. frames for the 2e pedestel Link4. drawer blocks in the primer Link5. Aluminium parts for the desk arived Link6. 2K filler for the keyholes in the drawer bloks Link7. First layers of paint for the blocks Link8. starting the build of the desk case Link9. Making of the sidepanels Link10. last sidepanel mounted Link11. mounting inside panel Link12. Reinforcing bottom of the desk befor cutout middle section Link13. Cutting middle part and insert new middle part Link14. New layout and thoughts Link15. making right insertpanel and intergrade motherboard tray in panel Link16. Fitting-panels and making grommet holes Link17. Mounting io-panels and drill holes for the round grommets. Link18. Making cuts for the 2 Black ICE 560 radiators Link19. finished the 560 radiator holes in the desk. Link20. Creating room for the frontpanel on the server side. Link21. Left fronpanel preperations for mounting. Link22. Cutting mall for the Aquaro 6 pro bay drives on the server side. Link23. Space for the 3 NB PL-PS 120mm fans on the right side of the desk. Link24. Other motherboard for the server side. Link25. Making drawing for big bitspower logo. Link26. Making cutting mall for bitspower logo. Link27. Sawing out the bitspower logo on 2mm aluminium plate. Link28. Finding a place for the two Corsair AX1200i. Link29. Lifting plan for the glass panel and frame. Link30. Mounting the blocks under the desk to the desk. Link31. Neopreen tape for the second block and mounting block under the desk. Link32. Honey comb patern mall for the back of the desk. Link33. How to cut out the paterns. Link34. Making support plates for the front panel inside the desk. Link35. Bitspower black freezer HD-S350 block for the build. Link36. Playing with the setup. Link37. Aluminium led profiles for the desk. Link38. Firsttop trim for the desk 40 x 20 x 3mm. Link39. Top trim desk finished. Link40. Mounting the last led profile in to the desk. Link41. Access for the pedestels in the back of the blocks. Link42. Making covers for the access space. Link43. Making grommet holes for the insertpanels. Link44. Grommets on the server side are build in. Link45. Corsair Dominator Platinum Memory kit for the server arived. Link46. Disaster "package arived empty" shiiiiiii...... LinkLink47. Last grommets holes in on the insertpanel at the gaming site .Link48. Compartment for the two Corsair AX1200i's Link49. Making big cable cover for under the desk Link50. Ledstrips arived from Aquacomputer Link51. Making the psu compartment. Link52. PSU Compartment almost finished. Link53. Mounting holes for the psu compartment and extra grommet holes. Link54. Making mounting and cover frame for the psu compartment. Link55. Playing with the setup Link56. Making mountings for the bay drives Link57. Test fitting bay drives mounting plates Link58. modification mounting plates bay drives for better accesss Aquero Link59. Extra reinforcement corners desk Link60. Adjustment insert panels desk (2e picture) Link61. Making spacers for under the insert panel Link62. Making a window frame for the glasspanel (2e part update) Link63. Making mounting corner pieces for the glaspanel frame Link64. Unpacking Thermaltake 1200 watt psu's Link65. Testing the Thermaltake 12 Riing bleu led fans Link66. Parts sponsored by Thermaltake Link67. Making outside corner pieces for the glaspanel frame Link68. Installing hinges for glaspanel frame Link69. Making support plates for the hinges for the glaspanel frame Link70. Ordering the big glaspanel for the desk Link71. Need to mod my modcave for the desk Link72. Modcave painted and new coolland arived "Stack up". Link73. Making transport crate for the glaspanel. Link74. Finaly glaspanel is upstairs. Link75. Making desk tranport ready for the powdercoater. Link76. Slice\mod block for cables from pedestel. Link77. Leak testing the 6 560 radiators. Link78. First row Thermaltake Bleu led fans in the pedestel "Awesome look". Link79. First pedestel fans installed. Link80. Evening shot 140 mm 14 Riing led fans. Link81. Specs testing Thermaltake bleu riing fans. Link82. Making mall for frontpanel blocks to house 2e Aquero and Pa's . Link83. Making one big frontplate for the Aquero and the pa2's together Link84. Countersink screws for the aquero frontpanel Link85. The desk is back and powdercoated Link86. Aquerero 6 Pro new frontpanel painted. Link87. 2 x new Aquero's 6 XT arrived . Link88. Glaspanelframe mounting Link89. XSPC Razor block mounting on 3e titan 6gb Link90. Making new support plates for the insertpanels and new titan Link91. Ledstrips sleeved and mounted Link92. Last rad. build in and modification on mounting of back ledprofile Link93. 40 x Firing up the 40x Thermaltake Riing 14 bleu ring fans Link94. Fanhole modification + making bay drive cover Link95. Right side drives are mounted Link96. Receive new i7 - 4960X and tested Link97. Testing Rampage 5 Extreme with i7 - 5930K Link98. Bitspower Full cover blocks mounted on the Rampage V and IV Black Edition Link 99. Extra aluminium layer for the fangrills. Link100. Fangrill mounted (Thoughts) Link101. Mounting fine mesh behind the fangrills. Link102. 19-12\20-12 Mounting the back triple layer fangrills at the back Link103. 20-12 Bitspower ramm kit mounted on the Vengeance kit "wrong choise". Link104. 21-12 Leaktesting Rampage V Extreme with Bitspower fullcoverblock. Link105. 30-12 Last jobs of 2015. Link106. 31-12 Corsair Platinum kit and M.2 ssd arived Link107. 3-1-16 Plans 2016 Link108. 05-01-16 Mounting Bitspower full cover block on the ITX mb. Link109. 07-01-16 Material for the back window panels arived. Link110. 17-01-16 working on the back window frames. Link111. 22-01-16 First window fitted in to the back windowframe. Link112. 23-01-16 Last window fitted in to the back windowframe. Link113. 24-01-2016 Hoera "the desk is one year old"and making endcaps for the windowframes. Link114. 13-02 Mounting frames for the acrylic windows. Link115. 15-02 First set hinges mounted on the window frame. Link116. 22-02 First windowframe painted\ and placed. Link117. 26-02 Last windowframe mounted. Link118. 29-02 First base for the bitspower double pomptop is ready. Link119. 03-03 Mounted the second set of bitspower Ultra 250 reservoirs. Link120. 09-03 Ledprofile under the bitspower Ultra 250 res. Link121. 15-03 Making pressure plates for the D5's with usb conn. Link122. 24-03 New psu-box for the 2 x psu's. Link123. 25-03 mounting psu's-box and large cover middle section. Link124. 28-03 Psu-box painted. Link125. 30-03 Measurements for the custom psu-cables. Link126. 8-4 Power diagram made for the Thermaltake psu. Link127. 27-04 First tryout with paracord as sleeving material. Link128. 28-04 Sleeving the 24 pin extension with paracord. Link129. 03-05 24 pin extension cables finished. Link130. 17-02-2017 I am back on track and glaspanel is on the desk Link131. 17-02-17 Making cablecombs for the build Link132. 03-04-17 glaspanel removed to be able to work on the desk Link133. 03-04-17 got the feeling again with the making of new extensions cables Link134. 07-04-17 New cablecombs for the 6+8 pci express cables. Link135. 17-04-17 Making Cable Comb Mounts Link136. 18-04-2017 Closed Cable Comb Wallmount Link137. 19-04-2017 5mm Cable Combs for the 24 pins wires. Link138. 20-04-2017 5mm Cable Combs Polished. Link139. 22-04-2017 Mall made for placing the mounts. Link140. 22-04-2017 First few mounts placed in pedestel. Link141. 23-04-2017 Pedestel main powercables in and windows made. Link142. 24-04-2017 24 pins extension cables finished. Link143. 25-04-2017 New 4mm Cable Comb for my GTX cards Extension Cable. Link144. 27-04-2017 Custom pci-express extension cable finished. Link145. 29-04-2017 Finished the extension cables for the titans. Link146. 30-04-2017 Extra grommetholes and making my own casebadge. Link147. 05-05-2017 First parts for the 16mm tubing standard. Link148. 09-05-2017 First prototype standard for 16mm tubing. Link149. 12-05-2017 Prototype version 3 is oke Link150. 13-05-2017 Made the base for the standard. Link151. 14-05-2017 Happy Mothersday The parts are almost finished. Link152. SITRAP and new Bitspower 750 intel block. Link153. 20-05-2017 New 12mm standard and pci-express Intel 750 installed. Link154. 25-05-2017 prototype reservoir standard made. Link155. 26-05-2017 new design reservoir standard. Link156. 28-05-2017 Finished last parts for bitspower z-multi reservoirs. Link157. 29-05-2017 Reservoir mounts polished. Link158. 08-06-2017 Finaly 16mm hardtubing in the pedestel. Link159. 11-06-2017 Mountingplate for the drainage fillport in the pedestel. Link160. 08-12-2018 Modification insertpanel

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1e parts order:

From Caselabs orderd 06-01-2015 parts arived 13-01-2015

2 x 120.4 (480) Side Radiator Mount - TH10(A) MH10 and Pedestal (Color: Black
2 x Motherboard Standoff kit (Pkg of 10)
2 x USB 3.0 Retrofit Kit - Double Wide MAGNUM and Merlin Cases (Color: Black
2 x Reset switch and fully sleeved cable (switch: 30'' length
2 x Power switch and fully sleeved cable (switch: 30'' length
2 x MAGNUM XL-ATX Motherboard Tray Color: Black
1 x MAGNUM XL-ATX Motherboard Tray Parts back panel, Color: Black
2 x MAGNUM XL-ATX Motherboard Tray Parts IO-panel and backplate, Color: Black
2 x Pedestal Side Covers (Pedestal Type: TH10(A) / MH10 ($39.95), 1 Color: Black

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For the desk i want to use my two pedestels that where miunted under "Hill 7.9" . From today "Hill 7.9" is no longer at least not the way it was.

Caselabs TH-10 stored until the desk is finished.

The new parts for the desk.
Got mail that fedex deliver my new parts tuesday "so lets wait and see".
Hope to work to restore the second pedestel for my new build.

Yes this desk have to move 90 degree to the left. So there is still much to do for me clearing the area.

Thats all folks.

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Today i start with the build of the deskbuild "Lost".

First i had to explain to my friends "what the h.... i am doing" are you cra..... piep" .

Yes i must be a little. But nothing lost whe go on and build this great desk.

First start today was going shopping at a local building store.
A old men was just making his way to have lunch. After seeing my drawing with all the panels on it he said "well it sems that lunch have to wait". That what i call Service.

After a while he asked me can you help me with the marking on the machine i cant read it no more. O oh

The piles of plates are cut and ready for transport.
"Do you have a family card the men said". Yes at home. Wel i will not charge the sawing for you.
"Thank you".

I came home and put the panels quick upstairs and went back to work. "lunchtime was over".

8 a clock "i need to build the first block". But first checking out the measurements. Ye oke.

The man couth only cut straight lines so i have to do the last piece at home.

pedestel size piece saw out.

check check

placing markings for the countersink holes. using the panels as guiding.

After a while the i finished the first drawer. Al panels glued with puleurethan glue and hold together with m4 x 30 countersink screws.

Have to see if it fits. "left\ inner side of the pedestel".


Right side.

Much work still to be don on this piece:

- filling the screw holes.
- sanding;
- painting
- putting the caster under the block.

But i am pleased with the result. It took me a while to figger out how to put it together but now i now.

Tommorow i wil try to make the other one.

Expecting thursday my parts from caselabs.

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Came home early today to make my second block.

I finished the second block that i am going to mount under the pedestel.
It takes about 1,5 hour to make. I leave it now to dry and hope to start with filling the drill holes and painting at the end of the week.

The two block next to each other. Not bad. The are 4mm smaller on each side because i want to mount a acrylic panel on it.

I am using the previous setup in the pedestel with the bitspower black sparkle connectors. "Great stuff".

I am going to put the blocks on casters.

4 casters on each block. The casters can have 40 kg each one. 4 with brakes on it.


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Today i had to do two things:

- mounting the casters;
- moving my desk to make room for the deskbuild.

Both jobs don.

Casters under the desk. Like i mention it befor capacity of one caster is 40 kg. So with 8 it is easy to move forward if i need to work on the back side.
Also talkt with my college about the filler i need for the drill holes. He advice me to take a 2k filler and to be certain that i paint the edges good with a primer els the filler wil pushed out. Oke i get it "hope it works".

I moved my workdesk to the left because i need the space for my deskbuild. The board above the blocks is 2 meter. So i have 30 cm left for the sides.

Yes desk still have to move 1 meter to the back but i am happy i manage this. Had to move all the stuff out before i had enough room to turn the bureau "empty".

Workspace "yes you Always need more of it".

Forgot to mention i had to make a modification in the height of the desk it self because i did not realize that i needed more space for my legs under the desk.
So the height is now 23 cm instead of 25 cm. Tommorow i wil change the drawing in the buildlog to show you.

More tommorow.

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Yesterday i found out if i make the desk out of mdf 18mm i had to change the dimensions because of the space i needed for my legs.

Lucky i had a phonecall with my surplier of the aluminum and i am going for 2mm aluminium. Hope to order the material this week.

I changed the drawing a little.

In the list you see the changes in red.


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Originally Posted by seross69 View Post

Also Sub!!!

I think you will be a lot happier with aluminum as it is lighter, the whole desk can act as a heat sink, and it will last longer. Just need panels, angle and square bar. Cut to size and screw together or take and have it welded..

the bad thing with aluminum is that is is a little harder to work with and does not have the fault tolerance that MDF has.

MDF is great as long as you don't get it damp and it is heavy!!

If you want or need anymore Rads I would get either the EK-CoolStream WE 540 Radiator (Triple) or the Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper 180mm Triple with these you can do a lot of cooling and have the fans be silent.

Just MHO!!

Great idea!!!
Ha ha Scott. "dont look any more in your glass ball" , I need more pocket money

Yes you are right Aluminium is better. Mayby i forgot to mention there are going to be 6 radiators in the desk " 4 x 480 RX from XSPC and 2 x 560 Alphacool Nexxos UT 60". I think these will do the job.
If you build the desk in MDf it is almost 5 times cheaper and faster to build. But i already placed the order for aluminium material for the desk it self.

Now i have to wait when the are going to bent and cut the plates\ profiles and deliver of cours.

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Workt on my deskbuild today in the afternoon.

Just finish working on them.

Here i just finish mounting the caselabs frames for the RXPC 480's.
Had to change flow because the units are not above each other and blowing one direction.
If i dont change the flow direction one side of my legs are getting cold because of the airflow.
I changed it.

I also removed the bottom plate because i lower the pedestel with 2mm and now the pedestel is in line with the back of the block.
Pedestel is lined out with the block and secured with 2 screws to the block below.

There still was som fluid in the radiators left so had the opening of the radiator pointed to the top.

First made power cables. Hope to keep them intact and i kan put them back when installing it all back again.

Finished more tommorow.

Planning for tommorow:

- sanding the surface;
- putting primer on the blocks.

I need to ad the primer before i can fill up the screws holes of the blocks with a 2K filler. If i dont primer first the filler will be pushed out the screw holes.

Thats all for today.

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Made a few changes in the drawing for the layout.

What i changed are:

- putting in a few air release figures in the back of the case (have to make a mall for that later).
- draw in a few more bays in the front.

And a small update: Getting my aluminum parts tommorow. OOOOOOO Yes

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Just finished with putting the blocks in the primer. Not that it is finished "dont have enough primer"

Yes 250ml is not much i know. So i try to work on further tommorow.

One picture. "it is not the end coler that is going to be RAL 9005 matt black. And the paint is on a waterbase so i can do it upstairs.

That all for today

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This morning a truck delivered the alluminium parts for my desk build. I was lucky that all the parts fit in to my car "mazda 5".

The two blocks are painted again (primer). When it is dry enough i have to:

- sand it;
- put 2k filler in the drill holes;
- wait to hardend out;
- sand again;
- and putting a top coat on "matt black". I use a waterbased paint.

No fancy pictures but it belongs to the progress part of the build.

Big aluminium plate at the back wall. 2000 x 900 x 2mm thick.
Further more pre bend z-shape "with straight leg" above the pile.
In the middle you see two pre bend u-shape covers for the middle section.

And in the still closed package are a few black coated aluminium panels.

So i guess enough to do this week.

The blocks are in the primer for the second time.

Yes i agree it is a mess. "Need more room"


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Need to build.

Parts piling up.
Befor i can work on the desk it self i have to finish the parts below it. Blocks are painted two times with primer and ready for the filler and the first layer of matt black paint.

My college advice me to use a 2k filler for the screw holes. So i follow his advice.

Only 3mm at one time. So that means i need to do the job two times and led it dry in the mean time.

I only mixx a stripe of the two parts. I notice that after mixing the two components together you have to work fast.
This stuf is new for me but it seems to be a good sand strong filler.

Because the sides are filled up with the filler i only can paint the other sides. For this job i also use waterbased paint. This type is also new for me.
I think i have to do the job a few times before i have a smooth surface.

So i hope to finish the filler job tommorow evening.

Because it is evening and i dont have much room to make pictures i end up with this picture.

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