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Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse Review - by Ino

The long anticipated and hyped Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse is finally here. I had the chance to play with this mouse for quite a while and can safely say at the start of this review that replacing this mouse will be almost impossible for any other mouse for me. This will be my main mouse for a very long time I guess.


The G Pro is basically the shape of the G100s with the 3366 sensor, the buttons of the G303 and side buttons.

Disclaimer: My review model was provided to me by Logitech as I have been beta testing this mouse for quite some time.


The mouse comes in a simple box in the same style as all the recent G series mice.

What's included:
- Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse
- Warranty sheet





Weight & Shape

The promo video calls it the "classic Logitech shape" which means for the Pro Mouse: it's the same shape as the G100s. The G100s of course has the legendary mx300 as its ancestor. The Pro really is maybe a tiny bit bulkier around the waist as the G100s but that is really tough to tell with the naked eye.
What I can say is that I love the shape as it gives me no fatigue using it and I always feel in full control.

Weight: 83 g (84 g on my scale with cable attached, without 83 g)
Height: ~ 38 mm
Width: ~ 62 mm
Length: ~ 115 mm
Number of buttons: 6






ZA11 - Nixeus Revel - Pro Mouse - G900 - WMO

Pro - G100s


G303 - Pro - G100s

Weight on my scale (incl. cable, see below for without)

How I grip the mouse




Of course shape is completely individual preference, so everyone has to try for himself in the end. The perfect shape for me might be horrible for others. So please keep the pictures of my grip in mind for comparison.

Sensor / Performance

Perfect. It's the 3366 after all.

I'll only post the mouse tester screen for the 400 CPI step, but rest assured it performs the same on the others too, at least in terms of PCS


CPI steps


CPI steps are very close to proclaimed values but the tendency is to be a bit above to proclaimed value which is why the mouse feels faster than my Zowie mice for example.

Jitter tests in paint


All fine here too.

Speed related accuracy variance
Angular displacement in that video was as follows

1.37, 0.12, 0.08, 0.98, 0.86, -1.06, 2.32, -0.82, 2.51

The method I use here is not too exact but still the result is impressive.

Lift Off Distance

LOD is pretty low, less than 1 CD.


LGS, like you'd expect with a Logitech mouse. It has the same features as the previous 3366 mice by Logitech.

In the start screen you can change between On-Board and game detection

Set the buttons, CPI steps, polling rate

Change color, color schemes, lighting effects etc.

Do surface tuning (note: I never use that, default is perfect for black cloth imo)

Heatmap your usage

Buttons / Scroll Wheel / Cable

The main buttons are Omron D2FC-F-7N(20M), wheel button is one of those square panasonic ones (I think), CPI and side buttons are Kaihl. Button latency against a wired G900 is close to identical as was to be expected.

Pro (A) vs wired G900 (B)

The mousewheel has a Kaihl mechanical encoder, don't know which one exactly. But I can tell that it feels really good. I really prefer mechanical wheel encoders to optical ones.

The cable is braided, but of the ok kind. I'd much rather have a Zowie cable or best a paracord cable, but if it has to be braided then this one here is alright. By the way this is the only thing about the whole mouse I would change.

Here are some more pictures of the PCB and the switches:
Lower shell

Top plus lower


PCB taken out

Close up switches and encoder

Top down PCB view

Lower shell without PCB

Top shell

Wheel weight

PCB weight

Top shell weight

Lower shell weight

All together plus screws

Build Quality

To go into more detail: The mouse surface is awesome, the clicks are great, the LED strip is flush with the surface and doesn't get in the way at all, the wheel is great, button actuation is great. Even the cable is a good braided cable.
The mouse feet are 4 small chamfered ones and the singular foot around the sensor. And while I prefer 2 big (top and bottom) feet this works just fine on the Pro. There is no drag even on softer cloth pads.
No rattling, squeaking or any other unwanted noises and also no lens rattle as you can see in this test (basically what qsxcv suggested, tape over sensor, tap on it to make sure sensor tracks and then shake in midair at 12000 CPI while holding down M1 with pencil tool in paint)


As you can see there is no cursor movement which means the lens is fixed.


It's tough to find a bad thing about this mouse. I tried for a while but I can't. It's the best mouse I ever held in my hands and it will be my main driver for a long time. It just ticks all the boxes for me. Great ambi shape, awesome sensor, best clicks,... This mouse deals in superlatives.
Only thing I'll probably change is get one of CeeSAs paracord cables and be happy everafter.

Also if you want to see the mouse in action up close here is a short review video I also did:

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83 grams sweet baby jesus let me preorder now! Looks so nice! Thank you Logitech!

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About time! Shame about braided cable. I do think they stuck a bit too much to the 'basic shape', however, there is a market that wants nothing but quality hardware. Just look at the mousefeet lol

Mouse reviewer
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Originally Posted by gunit2004 View Post

I still have yet to read the thread, but you mean to tell me you had it this entire time?

Haha, sneaky sneaky.
Well, yes, I have been beta testing it for quite a while.
Originally Posted by daniel0731ex View Post

Can you compare it to the MiCO in size? Thanks.
I never had a MiCO, sorry.

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Originally Posted by Ino. View Post

As you can see there is no cursor movement which means the lens is fixed.
Yay, we have a light, smooth edge, compact, ambidextrous mouse with the 3366 sensor and spring button system like the G303 minus the lens movement!
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Originally Posted by CPate View Post

We wanted to try something new.

Also we found that people preferred the feeling of the mechanical encoder for bhopping.
Man I adore your optical encoders!. Whats the expected lifespan on it?

Also I still remeber the Logitech g3 mouse. Was my favourite shape. And when I transplanted the mx518 into it it became awesome
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