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Hello guys! My name is Sotiris, commonly known as SotosLg.
....and since i am a fan of the Maze Runner trilogy movies, i decided to make a case mod about this trilogy.
I will try to apply some assets and elements from the three movies as best as i can....so, enjoy the ride, have your favourite drink, sit back and come with me along!

Of course, this case mod would be impossible without be quiet! who provided me this fabulous case, which is the Pure Base 600.

Let's dive into into it, shall we?

At first glance, the case seems like a normal one, but you are mistaken!
Let's see the rest in some detail.

Once you open the side panel, you can see a nice soundproof applied in the inner side.
I say again, don't be fooled by its looks!

A 120mm fan....

It can easily accomodate at max, an ATX motherboard

Here you can see some latches which they are used to un-hook the top cover for the fans

In be quiet! they modified the latches so you can hook the top cover in two levels according to the desired airflow....and PLUS thick soundproof matt!

My guess, is that the top side can accomodate a 3x120mm radiator or 3x120mm fans or even 2x140mm fans!

Here you can see the soundproofing matt better!

....and a 140mm fan in the front! Excellent!
In front, you can apply at max one 140mm fan or 2x120mm fans or even a dual radiator.

Soundproofing matt in the inner side of the front panel! Outstanding move be quiet!

2 USB 3 ports, a power button, a reset button, a fan controller switch of 3 levels and sound in/out ports!

Here is the latches of the top side panel i was talking about before. According to the level of preference, you can adjust your airflow from the top fans.

So, now, let me present you my doodles/plans!
This is the front panel, where i will apply veins taken from the crank Newt in Death Cure.
Also, i will take a mid-range reservoir and put it there with blue liquid to look like the WCKD syringe.
Around that, there will be applied fiberclass cloth with liquid fiberglass and a small window in the fiberglass as the syringe to be more like it, or at least i'll try!
On top of that, there will be applied scorched looked effect to make the whole part look more post-apocalyptic.
Top and bottom of this part, will be kind of triangular.

Next stop is the left side panel.
My whole plan is to apply veins wherever i can not at random pace but continuous, like, starting point from the top side, going to left side/ right side and front side.
In this side panel, a tricky situation will occur....this side colour combination would be right of the dotted line (where goes to the upper-left) in my skin colour (closest to Newt's while being a crank....don't laugh, i am not a crank....yet! :D )and left of the dotted line would be blue-ish, green-ish combination kind of thing and the seperation of the two colours would be a trick i learned from a car painter using a plastic bag to create an effect between colours.
Also, rust will be applied....somewhere....not in the skin colour :D and the letter the door contains....remember which door? The door that use the kids to exit the maze!

All aboard to the right side panel!
Veins again, and a maze made out of acrylic in the center.
Skin colour the paint would be....and a W|C|K|D| SITE A with white letters on center-top and a W.C.K.D. is good on center-botoom white letters again.
The veins will be continuous from the top side

Onwards to the last part....the top side.
I'll do a trick here, the painting theme from the left side panel will continue a little to the top side as the dotted line proceeded to the top.
Just a small part of it! :D
Veins again, a maze made out of acrylic in the center

And last some sample images of the theme i want to build!

Can you guess what i am going to do with Winston's wound?
Just like the TV shows say, ....in the next episode! ;) :D

Surprise too here!

More will come soon!
Thanks again be quiet!

Untill then, mod it till it bleeds, then mod it again! ;) :D

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Hello again!
Today, i went for a little shopping!
So, i bought 3 kind of colors for the main theme, some fiberglass paste, some liquid fiberglass along with cloth and some paintbrushes for the main theme colors and the veins color.
Some things i already had them such as, the metal masters rusting kit, some spray cans, a pair of super glue and trustworthy Dremel
I also bought some wool....what will i do with the wool....that you'll see in the next post!

For now, i'll have my camera to charge while i am waiting for the sun to set.
For the front syringe effect i'll use a tank of OUZO bottle made by compressed carton.

Untill the next post, mod it till it bleeds, then mod it again! :D ;)

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Hello again!
While i was waiting for the sun to set, i took the opportunity to test-look the syringe and what i had to put it on.
At first, the case of OUZO bottle was quite big enough....

....so i cutted down 1/3 of it. (I'm sorry for the blurry picture, i have shaking hands! :S )

....and then, since i didn't have any proper masking tape, i used box sealing tape and measured down 3 rectangles, for that to incorporate "blurry" window.

I didn't get any picture of the process cutting down the rectangles, so i will fill you in to the whole scene.
At first i used Dremel to cut the 1st down. Then, the bit that i used for the Dremel got loose and i couldn't screw down the cutting disk properly, so i had to think quick and improvise.
I looked in the warehouse for any cutting tools, and after a while, i found a portable angle grinder.
I instantly took it out and used it. Because it is an angle grinder, i couldn't cut in so much detail, but after a few cuts, that wasn't a problem because the whole theme is post-apocalyptic.
Anyways, long story-short, i did the cuts with imperfections (DUH!) and looked way better than if they were cut straight!.
A surprise i was saving for this post, was i wanted to create the Winston's wound on the side panel and for that cut too, i used the same angle grinder and to make even more realistic, i took some pliers to extrude the metal around the cut out.
First try is this!

Here you can see the window cuts plus the extruded cut which is meant for the wound.

Later on, i thought, "Why shouldn't i try to apply fiberglass cloth on the inner side of the panel to prep it for the wound effect?" and so i did!
To make the application stable, i stuffed in the cut a pair of tinfoil and left it stucked! :D
Then i applied fiberglass cloth to prepare the rear surface for the wound effect to stick better!

For now, i will let it cure overnight and tomorrow i'll let my hands on the wound effect, the veins effects and the syringe effect!

Until tomorrow, mod it till it bleeds, then mod it again! :D ;)

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Heya fellas!

Today, i had my hands on the wound creation and the syringe effect.
So, at first, i had a mix of fiberglass paste and did a pass.

While i was waiting to dry, i had my hands on the front.
I measured the diameter of the base and drew a sketch.
Then i had it cut with the portable angle grinder in low rpm.
After that, i put it inside the hole almost in the middle.
I taped the front with sealing tape, so the back side will apply liquid fiberglass with fiberglass cloth for it to stick.

While i was waiting for the fiberglass to dry, i did a second pass with fiberglass paste on the wound effect.

I shorta did a break, and while both items were drying, i applied fiberglass cloth on the outter side of the front....

....then, while it was drying, i did a 3rd pass with fiberglass paste on the wound

Here is a test fit-look of the side panel attached to the chassis

It looks better attached to the chassis, but for now, it's just empty without paint applied.
The whole purpose is to keep the cost as low as possible!

So for now, i salute you and....
....untill tomorrow, mod it till it bleeds, then mod it again! :D ;)

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Hello again!
Big update today!
I couldn't sleep at night so i started early working.

I picked the fiberglass paste and did 2 passes.
After the following picture, i did a 3rd one and moved on primering the whole case.

Here is the case with primer applied.

Then, i took the wool i bought, and created the veins.
I applied superglue at random points so the wool can stick to the surface.

After that step, i applied fiberglass cloth with liquid fiberglass to create a look with veins under the skin.

Then, it was time for painting.
So, i took the skin color i had made along with a paintbrush, and painted the surface.
I didn't paint it with spray, because i wanted to give a more weathered pattern plus i wanted to incorporate elements and assets from the 3 movies.
So, while it was assembled, i painted the left side panel with an S like pattern.
Which means, it starts from the bottom-left corner and goes top-left corner with an S pattern through the rectangle windows.
When the paint dried, i painted with dark black/red metallic paint the wound on the side panel and the surrounding melted effect of the syringe.
I left an opening in the middle so i can paint it metallic blue (the closest color i have with me to the syringe's liquid)

Along with the wound and the syringe, i painted the veins with dark black/red metallic paint.

Later, i did some paint drips on purpose so it will look like the blood that goes out of the crank's mouth

Here i painted the other part of the case with green/blue metallic paint using a paintbrush.

So, in order for the two colors to merge better, i took a plastic bag, put it in the skin color, and gently touched the merging point of the two colors from start to end.

While i was painting the veins, the wound and the melted syringe, my smaller paintbrush, had some paint remnants, so to add a little bit of extra, i touched the nose of the paintbrush and moved my finger backwards. That way, you force the paint from the paintbrush to get away to the point you are targeting and you are creating a paint splatter.

After a while, it was time to add the letters the EXIT door has
I cutted the outlines and i was ready to paint it red!

Here is the result.

Few steps left for its completion, so i'll continue tomorrow!

Untill then, mod it till it bleeds, the mod it again! :D ;)

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Hello again!
Final steps, and here, i made a stencil with the W|C|K|D| SITE A and i cut its outline in order to paint the right panel white with it.
Also, i applied some rust on the left side panel as you can see in the final photoshoots

So, i present you the final photoshoots!

I will soon be posting some videos of the process so bare with me!

That was it ladies and gentlemen, an old school case mod about Maze Runner!
I would like to thank Be Quiet! for providing this excelent case!

Now, i would love to hear from you, your comments and everything you'd like to say!

So, until the next project, mod it till it bleeds, then mod it again! :D ;)

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Here are some videos i made of the process, so tell me what you think!

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