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Hey OCers!

My name is Jason, aka TuxedoFlamingo. Some of you might already know me, but I'm an enthusiast watercooled pc builder in the States. Along with this build log, you can follow the progress of the build on my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

So about this build. First off, HUGE shout out and thank you to the awesome team at Aquatuning, aka Alphacool. Without them, this build would never be happening. All of the watercooling components were supplied by Alphacool. The rest of the components were purchased by me. This will be my personal rig and the "flagship" to my brand, TuxedoFlamingo.

Heres what Im planning, obviously subject to change as the build progresses.

  • Lian Li PC-O11wgx ROG Edition case - This thing is STUNNING! The main difference of the ROG edition is the ability to run up to three 360mm radiators.
  • Intel i7-8700k 6-Core
  • Aorus Z370 Gaming 7 Motherboard - I am in love with these boards. This one is so clean and industrial looking.
  • Aorus GTX1080ti Waterforce - Matching the board is one thing, but with the beautiful factory waterblock is outstanding.
  • 4x8gb GSkill Ripjaws V 3200mhz ram
  • Samsung 950 Pro 256gb m.2 drive
  • Samsung 850 Pro 1tb ssd
  • Samsung 850 Pro 512gb ssd
  • Western Digital Black 2tb hdd
  • EVGA 850 G3 power supply
  • Blacknoise Noiseblocker NB-eloop 120mm fans - These were also sponsored! THANKS GUYS!

Watercooling Supplies - Thanks again Alphacool!

  • NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper 360mm Radiators x3
  • Eisblock XPX CPU Block - polished clear
  • Dram Module x4
  • Eisbecher D5 250mm Acetal Reservoir
  • Eiszapfen 16mm Hard Tubing compression fittings (numerous)
  • Various other angles and adapters. Ill try to label them as I go.
  • Borosilicate Glass tubing

This will be an ongoing build. I am going to have some custom parts made, and the glass tubing is going to be very challenging (cant bend it lol
). All comments welcome and I hope you enjoy it. Here are some preliminary glam shots of the parts.

*SIDENOTE* - This is crossposted on Bit-Tec and Reddit. Dont be surprised if you see it again.


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So I started working on test fitting the radiators. And right away, my first roadblock. I planned to run three identical 360x45mm rads. One top, one bottom, and one behind the mobo tray. As you can see here, the top rad and fans blocks. The fittings for the rear rad. So back to brainstorming


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Sorry its been a while since you guys have heard from me. Been a very busy, and stressful holiday season.

I have finally gotten the final revision of the custom vertical gpu bracket and acrylic brace. It will be illuminated as well. The excellent work was done by KillrMods on Instagram! Give him a follow!

Now we can finish gathering all the adapters and fittings to make this all line up. Stay Tuned!

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What you think about quality of Alphacool Eiszapfen fittings?
I can't find information. I would maybe sell EKWB ACF Nickel to replace with Eiszapfen and keep EKWB adapters.
Because they have no logo and EKWB adapters no Logo, Alphacool adapters have logo.
And Eiszapfen look to me similar as Bitspower, but no confirmation about quality, EKWB ACF are reliable that's proven.

In August I should buy Lian Li PC-O11 WXC, original version with USB 3.1.
My heart hurt me because I can't afford Lian Li PC-O8. Cost 400 euro in store where Lian Li PC-O11 WXC is 240.
That's my dream case, it's small and compatible with E-ATX. Perfect answer on my demands and plans to use mATX motherboards in future.
Small Full Alu case, comaptible with E-ATX and 360mm radiator. Exactly have place for back 120mm fan to install EK XRES D5 Revo 100 on EK Uni Bracket 120.
But out of my budget.
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