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[Sponsored] Silver P.G. project

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Hello my friend, SS Mods started new project "Silver P.G.". The hardware we use is made up of "Phantom Gaming" parts of various companies.


Project is finished, final photos is on last page of this worklog :)

On this occasion, I would like to BIG thanks ASRock, Teamgroup, Cooler Master and AMD company for helping with this project.

AMD procesor has not arrived yet but we are expecting soon :)


MB - ASRock Phantom Gaming 6 x399
GPU - ASRock Phantom Gaming RX590
CPU - AMD Ryzen TR
RAM - Temagroup Xcalibur Phantom Gaming
SSD - Teamgroup Delta RGB Phantom Gaming
CASE - Cooler Master H500M Phantom Gaming
PSU - Cooler Master V850 Platinum
COOLER - CM ML360 AIO TR cooler

Thanks for watching us work, stay tuned! :)

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1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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