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Icy Blue Angel II

I choose to do a new build log instead of an update because only I keep only the case, fan, cpu and motherboard
all other parts will be new

and go for a full Bitspower build

Steps 1: Ordering parts

Computer parts
CPU: Intel i5-4670k: received
Mobo: Asus Z87 Gryphon: received
Ram: 16BG (4 x 4) Corsair Dominator GT : received
GPU: 2 x Zotac GeForce GTX 780 OC: received
Case: *** coming soon *** received
Power Supply: Silverstone Strider 1000w: received
SSD: 1 x Crucial M100 256Gb : received

Mods Parts
Sleeving: darkside White, silver and Blue Sleeving: received
Case lightning: 3 x Darkside - 12" white LED strips received
GPU backplate: 2 x ColdZero custom Backplate GTX780:received
a lot of Darkside fans splitter and molex spliter: received
Paint and a lots of little things

Case and Radiator fans: 6 x Bitfenix Spectre led Blue: received
Radiator: 1 x Darkside LP240 and 1 x Darkside LP360: received]
CPU: Bitspower Summit intel: received
GPU: 2 x Bitspower VG-NGTX780TI Nickel Plated: [/B]received
Pump: 1 x DDC 3.1: received
Pump Top: DDc Bitspower Pump top Clear, received
Reservoir: Bitspower - Z-Tank 250 (Clear Cap) received
Tubing: E22 plexi tube 12mm/10mm: received
Coolant: 2 x Mayhems Bluberry: received
Fittings: a truck load of Bitspower Multi-Link Adapter BP-MBWP-C47: received
Fittings: Bitspower 90, spacer and rotary 90 degre white fitings: received

Star working on painting and color test

loll, no choice on color, my wife want pastel blueberry blue,

some pics of the summit

seriously, i like the Summit, in real life, look really amazing,

i love it with coolant
just ordered Blue screw for this block and reservoir (Bitspower Upgrade kit)

all O-rings will be blue (pump, res and fittings)

update soon

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want to remove 7970 of this build
unable to play a game for more than 15 minuts
need to stop crossfire and she can play any game

switch to GTX780 and at same time remove XSPC crap from any of my computer
all led are XSPC and 90% died in less than 4 month
and i have a new toy (bloody angel) my wife want one lolllll (not true) lollll

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Sexy shineyness already! Subbed for another snef build!

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Originally Posted by Hasty View Post

Hey Snef.

There is something I would love to see you try: Frosted look on all acrylic parts (water-blocks, pump-top, res, tubes, ...)

Since you're going for an Icy theme, frosted could turn out pretty bad ass. Maybe with some etching work or something similar to play with how the lighting affects the components?

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Will take a lot of pics for sure

Its me or its very hard to order a silverstone power supply in Canada
Just ordered a Strider 1000 P
Want a 850 but bo at all place i generally do my order

Need a full modular to put the best sleeving, yep Darkside sleeving
These will be my color theme, yep tri-color for first time

These with custom backplate

And sli bridge

I think they will fit perfectly with coolant and nickel of Bitspower blocks

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