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[Sponsored] Spotswood | Vertical mini-ITX/mini-DTX Prototype Case Build

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This is a build log of a prototype case I designed to air cool a mini-ITX/mini-DTX form factor motherboard. The design of the case/frame is centered around a 90-degree oriented motherboard (vertically mounted GPU) and my preference to build with slotted aluminum extrusion.

Some of the details of the case are:

Dimension: 435 x 235 x 300mm (height x width x depth)
Motherboard support: mini-ITX/mini-DTX (90-degree rotated)
CPU cooler height: 150mm
GPU support: maximum length of 325mm
Fans: 5 x 120mm
Storage: 2 x SSD/HD
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Refining the PSU mounting bracket continues.

The bracket was tweaked to allow removing the intrusive support beam:

35mm thick fans could be used with a 185mm long GPU:

The fabrication of the top sheet was flawless.

Finally, completed the SSD/HD mounting bracket .

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