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[Sponsored] The One Rig | Dominus Extreme & 2080 Ti HOF OC Lab

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Hey guys,

been a while since my last post here so I thought to make a comeback with a build log. :D

First of all, I don't know how long this will take till its finished but I estimate it will take a couple of months max as I will be travelling in the meantime.

Without further ado, the specs of the rig:

Notes for the above:
Originally I wanted to put one radiator on the bottom and one on the top but space was a bit limited above the motherboard due to its height.
So the current plan is to have one radiator below the motherboard (fans outside the case if needed) and one on the rear side (fans as well) similar to what Jsunn did.
To avoid putting fan spacers I have ordered the angled version of the front I/O cables.
Worst case I skip the front USB ports (jacks aren't needed anyway) if they interfere with the radiator/fans.

In theory, no issues should occur as I have spent numerous hours calculating to ensure everything fits inside.
Only "gray area" might be the reservoirs but I think they will fit (one way or another).

I guess that's all for now. Will update once I got news.
Feel free to suggest changes or whatever. :D

Also, thanks Ksaderfos for helping with building the rig and to Jsunn for helping out with the case.
Wouldn't be able to calculate if things would (and how) fit without his help.


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A couple of weeks after Computex, bit of exams on top as well but finally got some updates! :D

First of all, the fans arrived last week (will post photo soon).

Over the last few days, we started putting parts in place to see whats needed and did a couple of mini mods on the case (bit of drilling and cutting - to post photos).

When it comes to the waterblocks we started with the gpu:

Made a custom glossy sticker for the backplate as I didn't like the original.
The actual result is better than anticipated as the HoF logo of the backplate (among another 1-2 details) is still visible (more than actually shown).

Just a photo of the motherboard with all slots occupied before installing the VRM waterblock:

VRM Block installed:

And now the full combo completed:

Tomorrow, we should be able to mount everything in place and then leave the tubing for Friday in order to complete the build.

Oh, and just received the mounting plates/bases for the two pumps - will be painted black later today so they match the radiators on which they will sit on.


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So, we came to the point where almost half of the tubing has been done.

Before getting to the actual photos, let me share some issues and how these were dealt with.

A) Cables not fitting under the mobo.
For these we had to mod (cut with a dremel) some parts (not visible) and also use 0.8CM spacers for the side radiator.
Now all cables pass freely without any issues.

B) Mounting the double reservoir setup.
One of these is mounted on top of the rad while the other (in front) is being held into place with EK's Uni Holders on chassis' frame (drilled 2 small holes).

C) Now the ultimate issue; putting the side window back in place.

When checking which cards can be installed without issues I saw that the Galax RTX 2080 Ti HOF OC Lab wasn't one of them due to the extra height.
For this reason I ordered the original Bitspower VGA Multi Direction Link which could only be installed facing downwards instead of upwards due to the thickness of the block/gpu/backplate.
Unfortunately, a new version of this that is for thicker cards/blocks was released a bit after I ordered the original.

Thinking this would be fine, we proceeded till we saw that the power cables of the gpu are now the issue and not the block.
So the only solution seems to be the use of spacers to mount the window with a bit of space so the cables (and eventually the card itself) aren't being pushed really hard.

Since we came to the point where we got some extra space, we decided to go back to the original fitting bracket for the gpu block as its prettier than the multi directional one.

D) The 3 fans on the top of the case.
Since the mobo is significantly taller than most motherboards out there, there was barely any space on the top side of the case to begin with.
Once the cables were plugged, it is quite hard to get the fans installed (and also to run) so I decided to skip these.

First photo; everything installed except the ssd, gpu and the pumps:

Vga installed with the multilink for the fittings + the pumps:

Here is the difference as we went back to the original fitting bracket of the block + installed the fittings for testing:

First tubing done:

Hopefully, it will be finished this Tuesday so I can post more photos then and do some testing.

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That's a lot of RAM.

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Bro, that's sick!
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