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Difficulty rating Easy to moderate depending on artistic skills.

Spooky's Guide to Custom parts using Skulpey!

What you will need:
  • Oven hardening clay [Skulpey, Fimo, Premo,Cernet, And kato] All good brands.
  • An oven
  • Knife or something to make good edges.
  • baking pan
  • Some artistic skill
Optional Items
  • Clear coat[Skulpey brand, Or you can use fingernail polish]
Getting started:
To start creating a custom item with skulpey first you will need to figure out what you want to create. There are several things you can make for computers. I chose to make an 8cm Fan grill for demonstration purposes.

Step One: Decide if the item is free standing or going to be mounted on something. My item will be a Fan grill so I need to prep the grill I used for this mod. I did not take the time to clean mine up but the steps are still the same. Take a dremel or what ever you have and snip the guard to the shape desired. Skulpey is too weak if it is real thin it would break if I did not use a grill to reinforce it. As you can see I butchered the grill nicely and so we can move on to working with the clay.

Step Two:
Take the clay and knead it until it gets soft. I have found that Skulpey brand is very easy to knead. Fimo tends to require more kneading and tends to flake a lot. After you have kneaded it you need to start shaping the item.

Step Three: As you can see it looks like a simple piece of clay. Next take your clay and work with it to get a basic shape and size you want in that color.

Step Four: Next you want to break out your tools. I used a knife that has a rounded end on the handle. This allowed me to better shape the clay. I smoothed the clay into finer points and cut off excess with the blade. I used the tip of my finger to pull it to a point.

Step Five: Now that we have the background done. It is time to move on to the center portion. For the center I used the same steps but I had to use the knife more. Results look good. Can you guess what I am making?

Step Six:
Putting it all together. Take the pieces we created and the original fan grill and firmly but carefully press them together to create one piece.

Step Seven:
Fire it up!! Preheat your oven to your clays specs. Skulpey recommends a temperature of 275°F [130°C]. Bake for 15 minutes per 6mm of thickness.

Step Eight:
Put your newly sculpted item or items on a non stick baking pan. Do not use pam or any non stick solutions on the pan. It will come off easy.

Step Nine:
Using oven mitts take it out of the oven after it is done baking. Inspect it and make sure it is hard. If it feels soft cook it longer. Let your oven vent for a little to get the smell out. Open doors and run oven at low heat.
Check out the results!!! Custom Overclock.net Logo fan grill. Drool I say Drool!!!

Tips and tricks:
  • keep colors separate :If you have more than one color create the parts separate and then push them together later. You can also bake the first part and then add the next later.
  • Create a mold: If you have a shape in mind get a large amount of skulpey and make a block out of it and press the item into it. It cannot have large recesses or you will not be able to get it out. You can drill a hole in the back and plug it with a dowel. Later you will be able to push the molded part out easier.
  • Finger polish it: Take your finger and rub it across the un hardened clay to get rid of fingerprints
  • Stick it to it: IT can stick pretty well to objects so if it is oven sage stick it too it. Glass metal and other materials are ideal for this. You can also glue it to it as well. If parts fall apart like off of the fan grill glue it with super glue.
Show me your results and I will add it in my post. Comments questions welcome suggestions appreciated.


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Very nice and thank you.

Now how about some cookies!

(I made a custom grip for my BB pistol that way when I was a kid--didn't think about all the rubber seals and stuff--grip looked way cool--the BB gun didn't work anymore, though....)

That would be a cool way to proto type the Dashboard Bobble-heads of the Moderators (lol)

Skulpy Avatars for all!

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Thanks guys. I think I might make a Crash bobble head
It would just be too funny. In a few hours you will see another guide pop up on how to paint your computer. I have been sitting on the pictures for a while And idont have to work untill late afternoon tomorrow so I decided to tip a few back and finally post some guides.

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Very creative

Hmmm... whats next.. doing your Avitar ")

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Out of curiosity, is there a limit on how big a sculpy object can be? thinking roughly 3/4 the length of a haf-x case top, five inches tall at it's peak, maybe 2 inches less wide. i guess wire or some kind of frame suport would be needed internall in soemthing that big.
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