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I am getting lag spikes of 20% of my AMD 955 BE because of mysqlservr.exe

I would like to know what it is used for, and possible ways of either stopping the lag spikes, or removing it.

I am open to all suggestions, ideas, and information regarding this.

I really would like this gone, even on games like Call of duty 4, I am getting lag because of this.

I usually just end the process, and go on with my day. However that is just avoiding the problem and not fixing it.

So suggestions guys?
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if you are not hosting any databases you don't need it running
SQL is used to manage databases... it's probably starting with you system... someone must have installed some sort of database software on your comp like oracle etc...

i would check task manager to see if you see the service in the service tab... you can stop it there temporarily... or type msconfig in your run/start text box... search for the service and uncheck the box
I would ask what do you have installed that requires sql?
Umm, nothing really.

I am not hosting any site locally, and the only thing I could think of is Hamachi, but I doubt that.

I'm going to remove it asap.

Thanks guys.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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