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squealing and clicking sounds?

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on my sig rig ive just decided to run 3dmark06 and iv3e found under load it starts making a squealing clicking sound. but only when its on load. now i dont want to sound like grandma coming up with some bs excuse. is this specific to my card or is it supposed to do that?
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My card does that as well. I believe it is the capacitors and you should be fine.
Some GPU's capacitors makes a kind of squealing sound when it's put under load without it meaning that something is wrong with it. It could also be the fan kicking in or something like that, but most likely capacitor nois. Shouldn't be anything to worried about.
ok good. thought my card was gonna blow up!

its under water so no fan
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It's just components on the card vibrating at a frequency that you can hear. Change the clock speeds and the pitch of the sound will change.
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i dont know how to oc both cores on my x2....
It's completely normal. I have the same noise. I've read up on it and it seems most x2's do it. However I've noticed the sound gets lower as I use the card more. When I first got it, it squealed like crazy. It has died down alot though.
My 8800GTX does it. My old 8800GTS 320 did it. It won't hurt anything. Just capacitor noise.
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