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Srcds IP Confusion

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My srcds server always does this when I don't add the "+ip" tag on the start line. Any reason why it's getting an ip from a completely different subnet?
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Is the network one of your own? Do you recognize it at all? From what little I understand of Srcds, is that it automatically pulls an IP for your server and the +xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is used if you have multiple IPs and need to specify one.
I'm going to bump this thread instead of making a new one to ask a related question.

This problem I ended up resolving by myself; apparently Vmware Workstation created it's own network on, and srcds decided to use it.

New question:

I had a perfectly working server before I reinstalled windows 7 on Saturday. Now, using the exact same settings, it's either I can connect, or other people can connect, and I can't. When it does start up, it starts on port 27016 instead of the set 27015.

And ideas this time around?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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