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OK I have 2 250gb SSD drives in Raid 0 windows 7 64bit pro i want to use my 1TB HDD for a system image restore is this possible and if so do i have to set the HDD in a raid arrary along with the SSD`s? I currently have the HDD in IDE mode i`m sure this is how to set it up i`m new to raid 0 and spent a lot of hours reading online about it. I tried testing it out back up system image in the windows 7 restore feature says an error not sure exact what it said but. Then i tried just to boot from the HDD and it worked does this make sense at all?

Thanks a lot any help would be great and if you need more info on my set up i`ll post asap.

When i first installed w7 in RAID 0 i did not have my HDD plugged in only after i had w7 i plugged in my HDD should i have had the HDD in when setting up my RAID in the bios?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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