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SSD RAID 0 Funny results

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Hey guys, had a quick question about my raid resuts.

Raid 0
128K stripe
3X 32gb Samsung SSD's
Fresh Vista 64 Install no apps running in background.

First test 113 MB/s reads...seems kinda slow. Write-back Cache Dissabled
Second Graph with write-back cache enabled 322 MB/s READS and over 3K burst!!!

Just wondering why such crappy 3 drive performace with WBC disabled??

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The write-back cache really is needed on Intel controlers for the best RAID performance.

Without it, there is no significant system memory buffer for reads or writes to the drives.
Thanks for the info!!!

With that being, said do those results seem pretty good then for a 3 drive array with WBC enabled? Or should I maybe play around with stripe size?
Also depends on the drives. Some drives just don't perform the same as others, and can be really slow.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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