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Hey guys just wanted to get some opinions before I get started on reformatting and setting up SSDs on my system and one on a friends system.
We are currently running the following applications; Windows 7 64bit, Adobe CS3 Photoshop/Illustrator/Flash and will be playing BF3. Mine is already set in the BIOS to ACHI and my buddies is not. I found the post were you can just make a registry change and then change the setting in the BIOS from IDE to ACHI. I can do this on my buddies system.

What we would like to do is have Windows on one SSD and Adobe and BF3 on another HD(either another SSD or a fast SATA drive).

My system;
Asus Sabertooth X58 mobo
Kingston SNV425S2 SATA II
(I would either pick up another SSD SATA III or or a fast regular SATA HD for BF3 only and put Adobe on yet another HD)

My buddies system;
ASUS P6T LGA(does not support SATA III)
Crucial CT64M225

What are your recommendations for a fast clean setup?

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Clean install on the ssd.

Install O/s and adobe

and install Bf3 on a f3
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