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SSD setup ?

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I am thinking of moving to SSD. My question since they are relatively small atm is how are ppl setting them up? I mean are you putting your OS and Programs on them and then all of the saved files for the programs on a Magnetic drive? Are you only putting your OS on it and every thing else on a Magnetic drive? Do they benefit from RAID? I don't know anything about raid, atm I am running 1 Magnetic drive so anything would be an improvement.

What are the better SSD drives now that windows7 is out with striping?
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I have an OCZ Vertex and absolutely love it! I have Win 7 and my programs installed on it, and have a magnetic drive for bulk data (music, movies). From what I've read, they don't benefit much from raid as they tend to max out the controller, unless you shell out the bucks for a great one. OCZ does have one product I've seen that was an SSD raid and controller package that fits in a PCI slot to really burn along, though!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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