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ST3500320AS SD15 bsy

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A grade thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for the advice for the recovery my data on
ST3500320AS SD15 with bsy problem
thanx all for the advice and the nice pictures

I repeir my hdd bsy drive ST3500320AS SD15 and i use:
1. rs232 to ttl (chipset MAX232ECSE):
2.usb to rs232 ad ( zx-u03-2a )


a)RX SATA DISK TO TX (rs232 to ttl)
b)TX SATA DISK TO RX (rs232 to ttl)
Microsoft Hyperterminal
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Originally Posted by python09 View Post
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I'm confused
join the club...

I have a Seagate HDD Model # ST3500320AS w/the firmware version SD15 and my system stopped detecting the drive in the bios none of my pc's detect the drive. I'm trying to find an exact drive to swap out circuit boards so that I can try to recover my data. I think this user is doing a similar technique w/other means and not explaining them in layman terms.
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that guy up there scares me with the gibber jabber
necro bump?

Originally Posted by sdla4ever View Post
that guy up there scares me with the gibber jabber
Yeah it looks to be the first and last post from that member. It's just to much tech talk for normal folk to understand, even us some what savvy OCN guys will have problems understanding what that message is suppose to mean.
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i tried that but couldn't get the hyper terminal to talk to the drive... i had to download a 3rd party one because it doesn't come with vista.
Hey {core2duo}werd do you think I could get away with swapping the circuit board from an exact drive to retrieve my data?


yeah but you have to find a drive with a serial number really close to yours. i tried swapping a 500 GB 7200.11 with HP firmware's board for a regular 500gb 7200.11's board with the fixed firmware, and it didn't work.
Yeah I kind of figured it would not be like a walk in the park for me. I'm having a problem finding a drive period. Well One w/the same P/N: 9BX154-303


I found a drive on ebay w/the same exact part number and close serial numbers but all I was able to do is see the drive but not any sectors or clusters or any size of the disk so I ended up sending the drive to i365 to have them fix the firmware issue and save all my data. It was my boot drive. After I got it back today and put it back in my system all was fine like nothing ever happened. I did not even have to pay for shipping to send the drive back to seagate. How cool is that. Not as cool as when the drive died on me
to seagate. kudo's to i365
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