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Lately I have noticed that many people ask for the best program to test their system's stability.
Therefore, I have rounded up a few of them so you can try them out.

1. Prime95

It's the best stability testing program there is. After installing, click Torture Test and then select in-place large FFTs. If your system passes this test after a 24hrs stress, then your overclock is rock solid.

2. Futuremark 3DMark01-05

This is the most famous benchmarking software. It stresses your CPU and graphics card, throughout 4 different game tests. It's the "gamer's benchmarking program". Futuremark is also the developer of PCMark04.

3. Sisoftware Sandra

A benchmarking program that features a Burn-In test. Run it for about 4 hours and you've got a pretty stable system.

4. Folding @ Home

It's a program that is meant to analyse how proteins fold and mis-fold. Full explanation on this one here. Fold for Overclock.net while stress testing your CPU
Perfect combination, no? Your system should be able to run this one 24/7.

5. SETI @ Home

This one is pretty much like Folding @ Home, except it works for SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence).

6. Super PI

This program tests your PC in PI calculations. It can calculate up to 32 Million PI digits and by doing so, it tests how fast your PC can do it.


These are the best programs out there to test your system's stability. After your computer passes

I think I got all the best ones, if I forgot any please tell me and I'll add it here.
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