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Stable OC is no longer stable...

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For some reason crysis benchmark doesnt respond after a certain amount of frames. This is when AA is set to whatever (2x to 16xQ). Crysis does the same thing of course. Only things that changed were overclocking my cpu to 3.2Ghz and that made it through 5 passes of IBT and SuperPi (32M) without any problems. I changed my RAM out because that was what caused the problem for my cpu OC. RAM is running at 1066 @ 5-5-5-15 2T when my old set was at 800 @ 5-6-6-18 2T. The last thing i can think of is i turned on the OSD for precision. Can any of this affect my OC?

EDIT: i do have the 190.38 drivers... last time i played crysis i had 186.18
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maybe you have to raise the ram voltage.
RAM voltage is 1.8v because it is low voltage ram... I just exited crysis... played for 45minutes with not a problem. All i did was disable the OSD... I dont think it likes that but then why would the benchmark do the same thing?

I have nF200 on auto still since someone told me to put it back to auto... That is another thing i changed but i dont think that would hurt anything. This is on a fresh install. Im thinking of going back to 186.18... because i highly doubt that running my ram at its stock factory settings and my cpu OC'd to 3.2Ghz (trying to get it higher). would cause a problem...

Just wondering, how long should i run furmark to consider it fully stable? Last time i ran it for 15 minutes and then just went into Crysis and i played for 2-3 hours before i got a memory read error (once again due to my old POS ram). I never had a problem with my OC before.
Are you talking about stress testing for a CPU/RAM OC, or a vid card OC?
whats your cpu voltage?
A video card OC... I have a stable cpu OC at 3.2Ghz and my memory is at 1066Mhz... I reformatted my drive and reinstalled windows and installed the 190.38 drivers. Before i had my cpu OC'd and my new ram, The only reason crysis crashed was due to memory read errors which were due to bad memory... I dont know if it is my video card OC that causes crysis to "not respond" or if it is some other BS. ALL of my temps are fine... gpu temps hit 68c and stay there under load. my cpu had 1 core that got to 51c while the others were 48c-49c. So i know it isnt anything like that.

Also, after i started crysis again it didnt have a problem, only thing i changed was completely disabling the OSD. I think that was the problem because i read somewhere that it either doesnt like MSAA or it cant be enabled. But from what i read, Crysis only uses Transparency AA (correct me if im wrong). So i still dont know why it randomly did that but i hope i fixed the problem.

CPU voltage is 1.3v (should be more than enough i think. It is atleast stable).
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I have some ram laying around that says 5-5-5-15 PC8500 1.8V right there on the label ... but that doesn't mean it'll run all those settings at the same time ... not stable-like, anyways.

What does CPU-Z say on the SPD tab AFA what voltage and timings your ram should be at when running at 1066MHz?

That is some pretty low voltage for that combination of timings and speed, in my experience.
i agree with brettjv. i would up the ram voltage.
It says it should be 1.800v at 5-5-5-15 2T at 1066Mhz and 1.8v 5-5-5-15-2T at 800Mhz. Also, i noticed that my trC is 32 when it is saying it should be 48... could that be my problem? I mean i tested my OC with Intel Burn Test and SuperPi and it didnt give me any errors or crash.

EDIT: if it is low voltage ram, what would my max safe voltage be?
EDIT: Im going to pick this up tomorrow... thanks for all of the help so far.
Okay, well, apparently that voltage is right for those sticks at that speed then. Still, if it were me I'd bump them to 1.9V at least. I've never heard of DDR2 that can't handle 2.1V myself ...

So, are you still having problems in Crysis?

If so, do you still have them if you remove all overclocks (cpu/ram/gpu)?
Roll back your drivers.

Crysis did the same thing to me with the .38 driver, only change was the driver.
You're correct about Crysis and MSAA, should only be a 64bit issue though.
That is what i thought...
Also, i only have this crash when i put AA on it seems. I enabled it through the game and it is not forced on in nvcp. I think it just happened to show up when i messed with AA because it doesnt always crash and if it somehow was AA, then that would be weird. Im gonna go download the 186.18 drivers since i installed the 190.38 drivers on a fresh install.
Ok so i no longer get Crysis has stopped responding. I have just had crysis freeze on me after 15 minutes. This has not happened before even with unstable overclocks. Normally if it was unstable, the monitor would flip out and then crysis would stop responding followed by a hard lock. Im hoping it is because i lowered my NB voltage from 1.5v to 1.45v. I cant test this out untill tomorrow though.
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