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[All these values are measured in CPU-Z]

Trying to figure this out: does the stock E8500 core voltage dance around from 1.088 to 1.200V normally?

I manually set the core multiplier to 9.5x but for some reason it's dancing from 6x to 9.5x, and in doing so the core speed drops from 2000.3 and raised back to 3172.6Mhz. It refuses to stay at 3.1Mhz.

Went back in BIOS and reset to defaults (with AI Overclocking all on auto), and it still dances wildly. Currently I've manually set the multiplier to 9.5x and the memory to DDR2-1066 (5-5-5-18 2T settings), and it doesn't matter it's still all over the map. Even the Corsair Dominator manual overclock settings don't matter.

Is this how this E8500 suppose to operate?
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do you have intel speed step and C1E disabled in BIOS? that would cause your multiplier to change.
as far as the voltage, the above settings may be the issue. also the core voltage will drop when the cpu is under a load.
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