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I just got my system today (for the most part) and am trying to get it together...

The case in question is a Rosewill Stealth.

But I am having a hard time getting a lot of the standoff screws in... They come with a thumb-screw type thing, but it isn't helping much..

It feels like its not the right threading - or maybe they painted over the threading, and that is where I am getting the issues?

But, anyway, I can't get them in without using a socket wrench. I havn't tried that yet.. Im gonna test it on a standoff that I don't need, and see if it will force it thru..

In the meantime, anyone have any ideas?


-edit - Well, tried 'forcing' it, and it seemed to work out ok. I guess I was just being a bit gentle on her

I think its just the paint making it a tight fit - It looks as though the holes were tapped into it before it was painted. Which is good, as it means there is no way those stand-offs are coming loose
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