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Star Wars: The Old Republic and What do you hope to see?

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Is anyone else really looking forward to it? Ever since it was announced I've been playing Star Wars Galaxies trying to get back into the Star Wars feeling. Game just looks awesome, although it won't let me login onto their forums.

In all truthfulness (lol) I hope to see a combat like Age of Conan and a crafting system like Star Wars Galaxies when it first came out.
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If done right, and we all know Bioware certainly can, especially now with the financial backing of EA, this could indeed eventually surpass the number of subscribers that WoW currently has and take most of it's loyal fanbase in the process...
I don't want this to pass the subscriber base that WoW has because with that large of a subscriber base comes a more immature crowd. This being Star Wars I really don't expect that mature of a crowd, just looking at that horrible Clone Wars that just came out and who that was geared at. The best thing about Age of Conan was the maturity level of most people playing the game, save a few guilds on Cimerria. I really hope you have to go through a process like PreCU SWG to become a jedi though.
didn't see yet, but i know i'm gonna be buying it. love star wars.
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