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Starting out with custom loops. Liquid cooling not cutting it

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I'm running a Thermaltake W100 case with 11 case fans and a Corsair H150 Pro. The CPU is a 7900X O/C to 4.4ghz.
The 11 fans are a mixture of 12cm and 14cm some intake some exhaust. I've tried lots of combinations. All fans are Noctua Redux models. The H150 Pro is running Noctua's too as the stock fans were not that good.

We are heading into summer here, and even at idle I'm finding my temps in the mid 40 Celsius. Put the system under load and it easily hit's 80c.

So I think it's time to head in to the extreme cooling arena. But I have no clue where to start. I'm in Australia, so for US <--> AUD prices, at least double. I have a $1000 AUD budget. Is that going to be enough?

Space in the case is not an issue. I can fit a 540mm RAD on top. I can move some fans around. Whatever I have to do.

In my room, which has no cooling whatsoever, it's typically 32c ambient. PC on idle will run 10c hotter. In Winter it runs 4c hotter than ambient.

I'd appreciate some pointers on where to start, what to buy, and what sort of results I can expect.
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With 32c ambient, it sounds like a window AC will do you wonders for both comfort and running cooler. I bought my 5000 btu unit for 100(147~ aud) us dollars and that gives you the leftover money to play around with more extreme cooling.

Edit: Linus Tech Tips also had a water chiller using a Window AC, maybe you should just go all in and buy several haha.

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some of the watercooling folks sell their own chillers now. they aren't cheap, but they'll also most likely not burn down your house, unlike a home made kit ;)
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