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Static / popping when any sound is played windows 10

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Just finished my ITX build and I love it but I'm having this horrible audio issue. You hear this static / popping sound every time and only during a sound is played/playing (ie: adjusting the volume on the volume tray). It sounds like those handheld radios, making a static sound each time they talk/press the button. The sound on my monitor via display port is not affected however, only the audio jack.

Things I have tried

I have reformatted x3
tried different windows 10 builds
different realtek drivers
using generic windows audio driver
changed psu / cpu cooler / removing components from the case
re-sitting CPU

is this hardware, motherboard, related?

asrock z390 phantom itx
cruicial ballistix 3000 16 gb ram
gigabyte 2080 ti xtreme waterforce
rm750 psu
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My antec 900 did this and switching to a different case with the same everything else solved it. So it could be your case panel wiring.

Have you tried using your rear audio out? Should be the green colored plug IIRC.

I have. It’s outside sitting on a mobo box lol. It’s directly connected to the rear panel

I've only seen this on Linux. Over there, I could always fix it by disabling powersaving settings that the audio driver has. By default that driver tries to put the hardware to sleep when there's no audio playing, and then there's a pop/crackle every time you start playing audio.

I've never heard about this kind of problem on Windows, I'm not sure if there's even weird settings like what I've seen in the Linux driver because it should just work fine.

That’s what i’ve seen from my searches but i’ve tried changing all the power settings even on regedit without luck.

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