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Steam Five Day Long One Day Only Sale

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Anyone check this out yet?

A bunch of games are on steam for reduced price, including Batman: Arkham Asylum for $24.99... Just picked it up now
Dragon Age is also there for 25% off which would make it $38. I'll update this thread throughout the week.

Day Five:
Dawn of Discovery $34.99
Section 8 $24.99
Call of Jaurez: Bound in Blood $20.99
The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena $9.99
Mirrors Edge $5.00
The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition $2.49
Evil Genius $2.49
Quantz $2.00

Day Four:
Eve Online: Apocrypha $4.99
Battlefield 2: Complete Collection $14.99
Lucidity $2.49
Trackmania United Forever $19.99
Prince of Persia $14.99
World of Goo $4.99
Guild Wars Trilogy $24.99

Day Three:
Borderlands $33.49
Resident Evil 5 $24.99
Left 4 Dead $7.49
Spore $19.99
Order of War $9.99
Ghostbusters: The Videogame $9.99
Trine $9.99
City of Heroes $9.99

Day Two:
Madballs in Babo:Invasion $2.00
Cities XL Limited Edition $24.99
Majesty 2 $9.99
Mini Ninjas $14.99
Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic $2.49
Left 4 Dead 2 $37.49
Dead Space $14.99

Day One:
Batman: Arkham Asylum $24.99
Osmos: $2.00
Far Cry 2: Fortune's Edition: $9.99
Fallen Earth: $24.99
GRID: $7.49
Dragon Age: Origins: $37.49
Champions Online: $19.99

Steam Shopping Cart Trick/Bug: http://www.overclock.net/pc-games/61...ick-5-day.html
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Champions Online is doing a free weekend starting tomorrow around noon until monday. I reccomend buying it and not entering your key/using Steams link to create an account and just make an account on the official site and sign up for the free weekend first, then after its over enter your key.
I just might pull the trigger on Batman. I really don't have the money, or a functional rig... But man, that game is amazing.
Im picking up batman and am seriously thinking about dragon age. I might even pick up grid just because of the price.
Too bad I already have most of the games. Wonder what's gonna be on sale tomorrow (day two)?
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What time does these sales end start? If anyone knows? Thanks.
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Originally Posted by **********
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What time does these sales end start? If anyone knows? Thanks.

37 hours from now for the current batch of games.
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And then different games will be on sale? I love Steam. I don't have to brave traffic, no lines, I just buy stuff in my chair and get it cheaper.

I feel bad for people who already got Arkham or Dragon Age, though...
Dude, Many thanks for head up.. I am looking foward steam to get some games..

Once thanks!
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Direct2Drive is also having a sale. Resident Evil for 24.95 til Monday and i think a few other games but then again Steam is better. I'm waiting for the time to go out so i can see if they'll put Fallout 3 and RE 5 on sale. Hopefully more better ones
I wish there were some water cooling kits on sale and i do NOT wanna buy the Thermaltake set cuz i hear bad things about it eventhough it's cheap right now but i do rather take the Switech anyday!
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I am thankful for Steam
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Originally Posted by pow3rtr1p View Post
I just might pull the trigger on Batman. I really don't have the money, or a functional rig... But man, that game is amazing.
Batman was definitely worth the buy; I jumped on it for $25. It's GOTY material it is.
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Played part of the Arkham demo. It's a pretty stellar game. Too bad I hate Batman XD

Can't wait to see what the rest of their deals look like. Maybe L4D2 will have a half off weekend
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OK, going to buy Arkham and Dragon Age, to give me some stuff to play other than TF2 when my build is finally done...
Grrrrr!!!! I spent full price on most of the games offered, and Steam sells it for dirt cheap. Dragon Age and Batman are really good games and jumping on this offer is a smart move.
Bought both. Yay me.
i actualy wish i had a rig atm to take advantage of these deals :'( although i could buy them but i have no idea when my rig will be back up and running could be in a month or 1 year down the line :'( good deals though

Originally Posted by pow3rtr1p
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Bought both. Yay me.

You're going to love Dragon Age if you like RPGs in any way. I'm about 30 hours into my game right now, loving every second of it and only 28% completed so far.
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Bah why do I have to be broke a can be right now. This hurts.
I'm really laughing at people saying "yeah maybe I'll get L4D2 if it goes for * bucks on Steam sale!!!!" You're the same sheep that bought MW2 for $60, go out and buy L4D2 full-price, it's not as if it isn't worth the money.
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