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Got Arma2 complete package on steam few days ago, Arma2 starts normal after initial launch.
Arma2 Operation Arrowhead when clicking play makes UAC pop up everytime, it launches clicking yes or no, it is annoying. tried every fix you find doing google search.
even checking the box to set as administrator doesn't fix it. if I click run as admin from desktop it will launch normal. it seems no matter what it will make me do many clicks as possible before I can play.
Ive added game files of both to in an outbound rules in windows firewall to no avail.

if I go into the file location and launch it goes normal.
what I haven't done yet is create a new task in task manager because I'm not sure what file to use, the one I use to launch game with? would like for it to launch normal from steam or desktop shortcut with no UAC popup everytime. first 2 pictures are what I get with Arma2 OA.

the "install Czech republic DLC is already installed. the last 2 pic is when I try launch Czech republic. click yes it will launch, click no the last pic is what I get. somewhere inbetween clicking play on install Czech republic which is how you launch that game/DLC and the yellow uac popup, it will ask " do you want to uninstall Czech republic" it asks everytime also, click no it goes away.

there is one file missing when I validate Arma2 OA it will sometimes start to reacquire it, blue line will appear and then be gone all in like 1 sec. ive tried 3-4 fixes ive found on google with no luck
ive reinstalled steam and games once already, on ST. Louis server. OS windows 10 pro

got Arma2 - Arma2 OA specifically to play Day Z Mod. I'm afraid to get Day Z because afraid it will mess it up while downloading or installing it. could take a chance and if it works just deal with the annoying uac an other extra clicks. but want other opinions before I do.

seriously I would pay and expert to come an fix it and show me what he/she did and how. thanks for any guides, tips or ideas.


noticed that on my main drive "C" program files (x86)>common files, there is a battle eye folder with 2 files. BEService and BEService_arma2oa. should those not be in same file or game file loc on my drive "E" where steam is and along with other OA files location?
is that whats causing the issue??
if so how do i get it to install on E drive or move it safely?

steam also has a folder in main "C" drive with 2 files SteamService.dll and SteamService. should they not be in same file loc on my "E" drive as well?
arma2 and arma3 have their respective BE folders in same file location as they are.


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