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Steam is being screwy

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Basically yesterday i started downloading Unreal Tournament 3 black for the free weekend.

Then an update news thing popped up saying it had fixed some issues and steam needs to restart.

One of them says that it fixed the problem where something would be stuck on starting to download.

Well before hand it was downloading fine.

But now its just stuck on starting to download all the time.

and steam has crashed about 5 times and keeps locking up.

Seriously a patch to break things Woohoo

anyone else got this
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Mine updated and I was fine. I downloaded an update to DOD:S right afterwards. Did you try restarting your computer after it kept crashing on you? If you did, you probably have to reinstall steam, unfortunately.
Mine has been doing that too, with the UT3 update I would wait for the starting download message, then go to the steam settings and change the download region to something else, it will restart steam and hopefully actually download this time.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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