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I am a complete noob here at the overclock forums so please forgive me. This build will mainly consist of building a slim cases 12x12x3''(LxWxH) with stand a alone (external) Psu and water cooling unit. The idea is to house all the main components 2 hhd, m-itx motherboard(water cooled), water cooled 780 ti (eventually an nvidia 790 if they ever release it) and a slim slot loading optical drive. I will be using rigid acrylic tubing for the cooling loop inside with spill free quick disconnects at the rear of the case. Also the tape on the case so far is for when it gets painted that area will be see through since it will be uv lit. I am looking forward to sharing this build with all that are interested.

Here is what i have gathered so far
asrock z77E-itx
evga 780 ti SC
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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