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[STEAM] Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 | $5 weekend sale!!

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This was a great game last i played it on my friend's computer.. now it shall be mine. for only $5, why not?

DAMN YOU STEAM. MAKING ME GO BROKE. this is the 5th game i've bought in the past 2 weeks
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I remember this game.. played it for a week, not enough people, tanks battles were the best though!
I bought this the last time it was a weekend deal for $5. Not a bad deal. I must say though, I wish I could remember how good it is... It's one of those games that I just have sudden urges for once in a blue moon.
Nice looks like it has decent reviews. Looks like I'm spending another $5.
Feel free to check out the official red orchestra thread I made dedicated to this game and the mods for it.

I have basically only played this game for the last 4-5 years as my fist person shooter. I played back when there was a mod for Unreal Tournament 2003 and then 2004 of course. This game still is the best game ever like chris says! This game is the reference of what fps games will have to copy and build on to rebuild the PC gaming Iindustry.

Realsim like no other game such as resting your gun on objects for more accuracy this is not done to this degree in any other game you might as well duck in the middle of a field on any other game than behind sandbags as its the same accuracy. Red Orchestra introduces among many other things the real feeling of duckig behind things for cover and resting your gun just like in real life. This game does use real physics for bullets. sniper rounds have to adjust for distance and weight of the bullet (russian bullets weigh less so you have to adjust less)

I miss my manual sniper rifle reloading, you have to reload all 5 shells at once you used to be able to reload one shell and if someone came out stop reloading so you can shoot.

Anyone out there reading this that likes FPS especially WW2 games This will be the best 5$ you ever spend on a game. I would be the first person to pick this up in a store se the regular 20$ price tag and say ehh.. If I didnt know better and play the mod I wouldnt have got it off the shelf unheard of, big mistake.

kilrbe3 your avatar is pretty neat, there are more people than ever playing now and there is a Darkest hour mod about to come out in the next months that will make it like a whole new game so you should try it out again.

For anyone on the fence here this game won 1 million dollars and the unreal engine free in the unreal mod contest. I will be buying another copy on a seperate steam ID as I cant pass this up, nice post r34p3rex.
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