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[STEAM] Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

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Hey OCN,

I've been wanting to give a gift to someone at Christmas and while I don't have much money, I thought I'd treat someone to a brand new game for Christmas

Anyone can join, no matter of how much rep, posts or when you joined.

Feel free to post your name below and I'll select the winner tomorrow @ 11AM GMT.

Winner announced!

Winner: Andru

Merry Christmas OCN!

The game.
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In man.
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im in
in, thank's i've never played this game before.
In please
In, Thanks
Amazing game. Easily part of my top 3 star wars games all time. Loved it on the xbox and whoever wins it I'm sure they will enjoy it
I never win these things that doesn't mean I'm giving up! Count me in.
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