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[Steam] Unreal Tournament 3 Free Weekend

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I don't have a real source on this, but a few friends of mine and myself opened up Steam just now and found UT3 sitting in our uninstalled list on Steam, with "3.0 days left" next to it.

It seems they're doing a free trial period to try to wrangle in new customers.

Downloading now.

EDIT: Source

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Nice. I was gonna buy this anyway. Might as well take her for a spin around the block first.
Hmm....didn;t realize UT3 was a part of steam, gonna have to uninstall and reinstall it under steam...lol
It's just for the weekend, Better start downloading it now if you want it before the weekend gets here, LOL
Yeah I bought the Unreal pack in the big Christmas special(when it ran out of keys). Awesome games and their is still some community left. I think though UT2k4 has more, but I gots that to
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woot woot, cant wait to go home now to dl this. if its good i think ill get it, only $11.99 so why not.

Originally Posted by Beyond Unreal
Steam is offering UT3 Black (UT3 + v2.0 patch + Titan Pack expansion) for FREE (as a trial, not forever) this weekend, and for 40% off until March 15th. That's a measly $11.99 for you US folks! If you don't have the game yet, there is no better time to pick it up than now! And, why not try it free before you buy it?
It's an update with an expansion pack too. I already own UT3 but it'll be nice to see an influx of players.


EDIT :: it's also adding Steam achievements, for anyone that cares
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Eeek 8gb eh
not sure if I can waste that much on a trial
I love this.....I can see UT3 in my Steam account....but not LP I just paid for........:swearing:
Finally everything is coming into place. Got myself a new rig to max out UT3 with and now Steam will be getting tons of players. Great time to be a fan of Unreal Tournament
Yeah i did see that in steam. been meaning to try this game out for some time, downloading now

Originally Posted by benfica101
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Yeah i did see that in steam. been meaning to try this game out for some time, downloading now

I bought it about a year ago during Christmas 07 as a gift for myself. Got the collector's edition. Costs me $70
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downloading now 17% speed of 1.1MB/s give it another 30-45mins
Hmm, I don't have it.
Also, the link you gave me says "Sorry, you are not permitted to access this page" or something.
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