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[Steelseries] 15% Off Online Store

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Was watching the Dreamhack Starcraft II cast and Steelseries is one of the sponsors. They just announced a discount code for 15% off all products on their store.


I'm having trouble accessing the store right now, maybe someone could verify and see if it works? I'll try again in a bit when it hopefully isn't as congested.

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Tried it on a product, didn't work.
Originally Posted by deadringerr;13097819
Tried it on a product, didn't work.
Just tried it and it looks ok. I might have pasted it incorrectly the first time around, but I just double checked on the Steelseries website and DHSTHLM11 definitely works.
there used to be 30% code, which was really awesome.
And if anyone is considering getting the Ikari/Xai/Kinzu mice, the Help Japan Sale is still good until April 15.
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