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Steelseries 5H V2 rating?

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There's a pretty sweet deal on Newegg right now for the Steelseries 5H V2 headset. I've been looking for a new headset for a while and just cant make up my mind.

Is it comfortable/durable? Those are the 2 biggest categories I'm looking at right now.
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I reviewed the 4H here on OCN back when I had no idea what I was talking about when it came to sound quality. It's very comparable to the 5Hv2. My 4H was very flimsy feeling and broke a few months after I bought it. Supposedly the 5H and 5Hv2 have better build quality. They were really comfortable though. I would sometimes forget I was wearing them. My biggest gripe I didn't mention in the review is that they aren't breathable. My ears would sweat. It was the weirdest feeling.

Now that I have experience some vastly superior sound I'd recommend some nice headphones and a clip on mic.
Mine were good while they lasted, but eventually the sound in the left ear would go out whenever I would move the cord... first I would only have to move it a little and it would kick back in but then it got to the point where no amount of movement could get them working.

I am sure it could have been fixed but I don't have the technical know-how to do so.
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