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Bad company 2 problem:

Just started having this problem out of no where... never had this problem before but in game there is a fair bit of popping and crackling distortion.

Computer that is having this problem is my lan machine which is a HP Firebird 802 running vista x64.

can someone recommend me correct settings to fix this?

No, I'm not changing to WIN7 for this machine.
No, This isn't my main computer, but I do use it a fair bit.
No, I will not throw the USB Soundcard in the trash.

Steelseries usb sound card settings:
2 channel
7.1 on
2 speaker analog output
digital audio 48khz
s/pdif output is off
Speakers at max, microphone at 75%
Record at half
Generic environment
Environment size large
Equalizer is 5HV2 FPS

Ingame is localised hifi audio.

Thanks to anyone who can help. I need to get this resolved.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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