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Stock cooler on amd 940?

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jsut got the amd ph 940 at 3ghz. would the stock cooler be okay i i do not plan on overclocking?
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yes it should be fine i'm using stock on my...would be messed up if they didn't though.
It'll be different for everyone I'm sure. I don't recommend it, but going a little over, up to about 3.3GHz to 3.5GHz on stock seems pretty stable and I've yet to have a problem. I'm up to 3.7 (3690MHz) on stock yet and it's been stable for a few days running my games.

It depends on the chip obviously, not everyone's going to have the same or better results. The cooling in your case is a major factor as well. I have one side fan and 2x fans (front/back) pushing air to the back and out of the case.
so stock cooler should be fine for no overclocking
Yep stock cooler will work just fine.

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so stock cooler should be fine for no overclocking
Should be fine, yah. This is from personal experience.
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Stock is designed to work with stock speeds, so you will be fine . And besides 940 stock cooler is awesome
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yes best stock cooler i've ever seen still its not ment for big oc's i got up to 3.78 befor mine hit 65c... over amd recomended limit i run mine at 3.3 while playing games and it never gets over 58
I wouldn't chance it at all! I have had 2 different stock amd cpu fans fail on me with AMD 9850BE's and burn up the cpus, both while gaming... This was on 2 different motherboards as well, so i know it couldn't have been the motherboard jacking up the fans or something... Just not worth the risk... A noctua is only $60 on the egg and a true isn't to much more after the purchase of a fan which is a VERY small price to pay to make sure you have quality stuff that won't fail on you... BTW, after the 2nd one burned on me, i will never have anything other than a push/pull setup on my heatsinks, so if one goes out i still have no worries!

Just my 2 cents, think about it...
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