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stock i7 cooler

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have to use this before my wc parts come and my god is this thing bad. revert my 950 back to stock and i'm getting idle temps in the mid 50's.

just regular use and some gaming got it up to 70-80. load IBT for 20 secs and temps got to 90. how can intel provide sure inferior cooling for such a great product. its like putting 87 in a lambo.
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Well SB-E may not even have a cooler when its out lol. Or it will come with coolers similar to the corsair water coolers.

The stock ones are just for show imo.
Those stock coolers are pretty much as worthless as paperweights when it comes to cooling a i7.

Only reason I keep them is because Intel might require it when RMA'ing.
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Mine's still in the box in case I need to send it back too.
Wish there was the option to save a few quid and buy just the chip
I believe you can, I remember seeing OEM versions for sale when Sandy Bridge came out.
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