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Well, I got Stormrise free along with another game a while back. Finally got around to playing it a couple days ago (I saw the metascore and that turned me off it for a while). The intro story was kind of cool, got me in the mood to do whatever needed to be done. I climbed into the mech-like creature. And then it introduced me to the controls... pretty typical, you know, click to move here, move there.

It started shooting for me when some enemies appeared. I thought, ok, that's cool, it'll show me how to shoot later on. Nope. That's right, it's a 3rd person war game where YOU DON'T SHOOT. The freakin computer shoots FOR YOU! All you get to do is move yourself around, and move little squads of infantry around. It's like an RTS, but in a first-person-like world, and you don't get to buy or harvest anything. All you do is move. Move here, watch it shoot enemies for you. Move back, watch it shoot more enemies.

I couldn't stand it. I turned it off and deleted the local content. I can't believe that anyone on the dev team for this game thought that this sort of gameplay would actually be fun... for anyone. It was horrible. The worst game I have ever played (though not the worst game ever made).
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