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Straight talk BYOP Sim card question

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I am going to buy my friend's Verizon Iphone and I have already confirmed it will work with straight talk. My question is do I need to buy a new SIM card or do I just use the sim card in the iPhone or transfer my current Sim card into it. Upon researching it just says go start the activation process on straight talk website and it will let you know if you need a new SIM during the the process and link you to it if you need to buy it. But I would like to know before hand as I am not able to purchase the phone yet and just want to have all I need to activate when I do before hand.

I have a Samsung galaxy a51 and am buying a Verizon iphone 13 pro max confirmed to work with straight talk. I am not sure what towers the a51 uses right now for this Sim. I live in Oregon. 97601.

Thank you.
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It should be unlocked and ready for your sim card. You shouldn't need to activate anything if you already have a sim active. Just take the sim out of the a51 and pop it into the iphone.
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