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I've recently upgraded my system and have been benchmarking using RealBench. We've had some power outages and surges due to construction and some freak rain storms lately, but no lightning. I came home to find my machine on a critical BSOD without error number that said I'd need to rebuild Windows. Machine wouldn't reboot. After multiple reboot attempts, I finally got to the BIOS and eventually reinstalled Windows 10 Home and all new NVidia drivers, etc...

The issue is that the machine performs differently than before using the exact same BIOS settings.

50/46 all cores
Lowest LLC
1.32V Vcore

Real bench:

Image Editing: Before: 261,082 / 20.4037 After: 200,389 / 26.5883

Encoding: Before: 170,989 / 31.1598 After: 174,306 / 30.5669

OpenCL: Before: 84,747 / 15643 After: 74,620 / 13802

Heavy Multitasking: Before: 163,840 After: 177,371

System Score: Before: 170,167 After: 156,671

These are actual scores and are representative of the average difference. Max temps are about 6C higher now.

Seems numbers for single core SSE is way down and SSE and AVX are down in general.
Heat is not a problem and HWiNFO64 says no throttling is occurring. Temp Max reaches 82C.
CPU scores are also down in TimeSpy and FireStrike.
HWiNFO shows low thread utilization when running OpenCL on all cores, with max @63% on one core, but 100% utilization on all cores when Heavy Multitasking.

I've re-flashed the BIOS and all seems well with the MB.
No memory or SSD errors.
I tried an old PSU and benchmark results are the same, so I'm thinking it's not my PSU.
Maybe motherboard (MSI Z370 M7) components or CPU?
Can damage be done to just part of a CPU?
Has Windows changed its timer choice algorithm or something?
Numbers are basically the same with HPET on/off.
Has OpenCL been recently updated?

Thinking about buying another MB or CPU to test.

Any suggestions?

--- Now thinking it was a power surge. Seems we also lost a TV (clicks on, but no picture or sound). Wife's work notebook, which was also on at the time, lost one monitor and half her USB ports. Blown incandescent bulb on same circuit with notebook.
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