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Hi all,

First sorry for my english im french 馃檪

So i recently up my build to ryzen 1700 with asus x370 pro hyperx savage 2133mhz cas 13 psu antec truepower 700W and gtx 1060 6gb

I got issu while stress testing in overclock with occt especialy with linpack mode avx with 8 threads
When the crash come, my screen turn off mu mouse and keyboard too, i cannot shutdown my computer with the button ive to use the psu button to cut the power, then i have to wait 20 sec with psu off and my led power blinking and then ican restat my pc he Wont turn off if i dont wait with 20 sec

Got 1h on prime 95 on small fft, large data, and blends test, no issue

Only with occt.

So i have all reset in bios and load optimal set, all on stock,

And SURPRISE when i run linpack avx got the same crash about 20sec! All on stock cpu @3ghz for 0.997v...

This seems weird to get crash on stock settings no?

Im tryin right now to raise my vcore while holding stock clocks , but the raise is already signifiant im on 1.2 for 3ghz i think the issue is somewhere else...

Ant idea or similar problem?


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Seems like a bug emerges under AVX load, my only guess is motherboard BIOS update and OS reinstallation.

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it was using hwinfo64 combined with OCCT wich make crash the mobo chipset ! really weird sometimes

no more crash now get 2 x 45 min linpack avx 8 threads 67 degres max, seems reaaly fine now :)

i find a topic who says when you use 2 software of monitoring at the same time may crash the chipset

thats why my screen mouse and keyboard shutdown during the crash but fan and leds still going
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