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I originally posted about a problem with a raid 0 array which you can find here:

I never managed to resolve the problem, I just deleted the array.

I still can't get the Intel RSTe software to work, I've reinstalled it many times and tried both the version from Asus' website and the one direct from Intel. All just result in "An unknown error occurred while running this application. If the problem persists, please restart your computer or try reinstalling the software" so the only way I can manage the raid array is during boot.

Anyway, before I did anything with the two drives that were previous in the raid array I kept getting:

The IO operation at logical block address 0 for Disk 7 was retried.
The IO operation at logical block address 0 for Disk 6 was retried.

(Disk 6 & 7 were the previous raid member disk and were uninitialised and unformatted)

I initialised them and formatted the drives and this problem went away. However, now I'm getting it complaining about another disk:

The IO operation at logical block address 4a85a788 for Disk 2 was retried.

The smart status of this drive is fine with the exception of "Ultra DMA CRC Error Count".

Additionally, all the device names of the drives connected to the chipset SATA ports are scrambled. For example my WD wd20earx shows up in device manager as a : "DW CDW02AEXR0" and my Samsung HD154UI as a "ASSMNU GDH51U4 I" but the ones connected to the ASMedia controller show up fine.

Anyone have any idea what is going off here?

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