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Strange Ps3 thingy

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Ok, I just set up my brand new PS3 slim
, but something weird is happening. Every ten minutes or so, the video and audio goes out for about ten seconds with a box that says "Invalid Format" bouncing around on the screen, then the video and audio comes back. What is happening?
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If it is brand new, I'd take it back to the store and get it exchanged. But before you do that, try using different media (a different game or movie) and make sure all the cables are plugged in good. I know it's not the cables but you can't ever go overkill in troubleshooting.
Do you have it hooked up to a a/v receiver or straight to the TV?
Are you using the correct video settings for the tv?
I would likely send it back dude just to be sure.
The ps3 is still running (i.e. I can feel rumble when I press r1 if it happens in mw2)
It's either the output on the PS3 OR the input on your TV.

Use a different A/V type. Use HDMI or component.
I'd shake the cables if it's HDMI and see if it screws up.
I had a similar problem to this.

The problem was the HDMI cable in my case.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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