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strange SLi/crossfire question

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I looked at all of the available crossfire motherboards and i hate them all. The A8N Asus SLi board is great and my friend has it and im envious of how good it is. I was wondering since crossfire connects with the special port thing and dvi cable and doesnt need that 1 card 2 card chip would a crossfire setup work on a SLi board?
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you can use one cross fire based video card in an SLI motherboard IIRC, but you cannot use two and go crossfire in an SLI based system.

i hope i understood your question correctly.
to run crossfire i.e. 2x ATI gfx cards in crossfire mode you need a crossfire board that has ATI's crossfire chipset.
to run SLI you need 2x nvidia gfx cards and a sli mobo w/ nvidia's sli chipset.

you cannot run sli on an ati chipset board or crossfire on a nvidia chipset board.

I have heard talk of a new 3rd party chipset that may be able to do either, but as far as I know one has not been made yet, nor can we expect one anytime soon.

Originally Posted by GatorLCA

You need an Ati chipset to run Crossfire

oh realy? what about all those intel chipset based mobos that run crossfire? its just a lie right?
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