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Strange Sound EVGA GTX 280

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Basicly the title says it all, my 280 is making random high pitch hissing sounds when i run certain "heavy applications", like ati tools artifact scan, even crysis at parts and its never done that before. Recently though i've changed the TIM on the card and wondered if it was because of that, so I went ahead and reapplied it, spreading it out across the whole core with only a very thin layer, by thin I mean it, like I've read online, but perhaps its too thin, what makes me think it's good though is I get really good temps, I never pass 70C under load from GRID and such games, and the VDDC never passes mid 75C which too me seems all good. Do you guys think that's the problem and I should yet again reapply the TIM and see ? or might my card just be defective, I've had it since august, but I dunno if EVGA would take it back since when changing the TIM when I took off the casing one of the two little pins thing cracked a little, I guess its fixable though. Anywho any help is welcome

Btw, no my card is not overclocked, and I've reinstalled the applications etc. Never touched the drivers though could that be it
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how many of these do we get in a week lol

its normal its the caps vibrating
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yea but it just randomly starts ? like I've never had that before I've heard of cap squeaks and etc, but I figured you get them first time not just out of nowhere, but thx neways for the answer guys
are you looking for a solution?

Its seems to be a common problem with the GTX series of Nvidia. Most people complain to the manufacturer and ask for a rma. Some people glue gun the caps down so they don't vibrate, but that voids your warranty.
Cap squeal. Nothing to worry about, it's a common harmless problem.
The only solution is to RMA it, but they usually only accept it if the squeal is unbearable high.
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