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Stress test my GPU?

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How do I stress test my GPU after an OC? I have ATITool, but when I click "scan for artifacts" the little cube thingy just sits there. Is it supposed to do that? In "3D view" the cube moves, I would think it would for the scan as well. How long would be considered stable? I know for CPU it is 12 hours prime95, is it 12 hours for this as well?
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yup ATI tool stresses your gpu just fine you could also take a look at your gpu temps when you turn on "scan for artifacts" you should see them rise other wise there's a problem with your ati tool, or you could try playing a couple of games
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Ah yes, the temp does go up! Thanks. How long should I run the test for to be stable?
FurMark is another alternative, a little more stressful than ATItool.

ps, 15 minutes artifact free seems to test stability for gfx cards.
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Thanks. Wow, I like GPU OCing much better than CPU OCing! 15 min sounds MUCH better than 12 hours!
Furmark also.
load up your favorite game and play for about an hour... If it doesnt lock up its stable.... Now there is some fun testing....

I can runn atitool for over an hour at high overclock, but games crash.....
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