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Hey guys with the increase of people getting more then 2 gigs of ram say 4 or 8 gigs in some cases I was wondering how you did a system stability test and got all your ram loaded.

I have used occt with a couple of memtest (in windows) to get everything loaded. Orthos doesnt do that very well so I have run two orthos which will load all the ram.

What do you guys do?

I have ran two instances of orthos one instance failed after about 6.5hours while the other kept going and I stopped it at 7.5 hours.

While running occt and memtest I got one error on my ram between 4 to 6 hours into it. Not too big a deal I guess but still I guess it would be something that would not have been caught had I not fully loaded my ram whil stress testing my overall system stability.
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