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Hey all, just want to make sure I can do enough testing to make sure my OC is rock stable.

Right now I have LinX and Prime95. What settings should I use for each program?

For LinX, what problem size minimum should I be using. And for Prime95 which setting and for how long should I run it for?

Any info would be awesome or suggestions, Cheers

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or you can try Intel Burn test

but you need to run it properly

before running, open task manager and see the amount of free ram.

for example i have 2550mb free ram so in IBT i enter a custom amount of 2500. (just below the free amount)
then i change the threads from auto to 4 (quad core) or how many cores your cpu has.
now every run i make i always get around 40-42 gflops. (consistent)

The following is the estimated GIGAFLOPS for a few chips:

E5200 @ 3 GHz 19-20 GIGAFLOPS
E8400 @ 3 GHz 21-22 GIGAFLOPS
E9550 @ 4 GHz 54-56 GIGAFLOPS

I5 quadcore @ 4 GHz 59-61 GIGAFLOPS
I7 quadcore @ 4 GHz 60-62 GIGAFLOPS
Gulftown 6core @ 4 GHz 90-93 GIGAFLOPS

" I would choose 'free' memory as available memory will also make use of cache memory which must be storing data for other applications aswell. Windows may free up some physical memory from the cached memory during testing but not totally and i think the rest will be the virtual memory as a compensation.

Available = Free + (Cached - Modified)"

running just free memory will help you get higher gflops, as its just using free ram and not cached ram
this should also have 4 or 2 cores running at 100% (or how many your cpu has)

this will give you more consistent gflops score, but will also make your temps higher, as more gflops, the more the cpu is stressed.

i let it run for about 20 mins between each increase in fsb etc...
and then for at least 1hour at final overclock speed

full explanation on how to run Intel Burn Test here
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